Issue 12 2022

people’s lives, so that they may fulfil their dreams and live healthy lives with a family that they have built for themselves. With such a professional, diverse, and successful digital product portfolio, its IVF centers have become hugely effective and well-known. Its reputation has cultivated peace of mind and serenity in those wishing to start a family of their own, through IVF treatments, and Binflux’s team couldn’t be more proud. The two departments of Binflux’s team consist of R&D and sales and customer service representatives, which are equally needed to make everything run smoothly. With global digitalisation and further developments in the field, Binflux’s team work tirelessly to hold to the torch through such uncertain times. Drawing upon their experience and reinforcing their relationships with one another, the team expertly fulfil their roles, and more. Now, Binflux has won Best IVF Digital Transformation Solutions Provider 2022 and we wish it all the best as it continues to lead the way in its industry. The future looks abundant indeed as Binflux invests in more AI and IoT solutions that will support and expand the ecosystem indefinitely. Contact: Mark Liu Company: Binflux Web Address: Sep22168 A Progressive Portfolio In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a common treatment for people wishing to conceive. There is a lot of technology out there but we’ve found an intelligent IVF treatment solutions provider with a lot of compassion and dedication to the future of humankind. Here we talk to Managing Director, Mark Liu, as Binflux wins Best IVF Digital Transformation Solutions Provider 2022. Founded in 2007, Binflux is a gifted team of innovators and trailblazers in the IVF industry. Created with the core values of trust, customer success, and innovation, Binflux has helped numerous people to live their lives to the full. Binflux presents data management systems for the IVF lab (Infans EMR), mobile APP for the IVF patient (Infans CareU), outpatient management system (Infans CMS), cryo straw labels, and data integration with lab equipment. Managing Director, Mark Liu comments, “The benefit of introducing our products is to increase efficiency through automation, reduce the risk of human errors, and improve the success rate of IVF treatment. Our strategy of focusing on the field of reproductive medicine contributes to the continuous development of products, services, and business models that meet market needs.” From the very beginning, Binflux has devoted its time and resources to clients – clinics, labs, patients, and stakeholders. Its clients rely on it to increase the success rate of patient treatment, ultimately forging a greater future for them. Its passion lies in making a difference to “We deliver trusted software solutions and communicate openly. Our electronic medical record system can assist IVF centers in the storage, management, analysis and quality control of medical data without patients’ private data breaches. Our products must be trusted by clients before they purchase. That’s why trust is our number one value.” “Our company organization culture is transparent and flat. Team members can express their opinions freely and seek the best solution through open discussion. In our team, the integrity of each talent is our first consideration.” Subscribe o our monthly newsletter: