Issue 12 2023

Issue 11 2023 7 Aug23691 Extreme Excellence World Records is involved with the certification and championing of elite achievements. As a company, it also offers clients business and consulting services that are deeply embedded in the arena of entrepreneurship, advocate for innovation, and profoundly honour ethical sensibilities. Many of its clients are Guinness World Record Holders, having achieved impressive feats of enormous worth. Others are just starting down the path to reach their goals, with the support of Extreme Excellence World Records behind them all the way. Extreme Excellence World Records is a company founded and run by women, and is driven to support and amplify the ethically powered goals of its amazing clientele. As part of its enterprising ambitions to support and empower entrepreneurs, it is involved in producing cinematic documentaries and books with a particular focus on strengthening the history of excluded persons, including women, first nations people, BPIOC, LGBTQIA+, and people living with disabilities. The founder of Extreme Excellence World Records, Crystal Anne Davis, is herself a world record holder for endurance rickshaw cycling. Building on her own experiences and successes, she has created a consultancy service whereby she can help others to achieve elite success. Having operated as a consultant for some 21 years, Crystal has truly engaged in the decision to promote her clients in a manner that is “beyond world best”. She consults with other professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve her aims, and is a master when it comes to developing the highest performing ROI-ethics balanced business success. To foster impact, Extreme Excellence World Records has an Excellence Media arm that produces intentional documentaries that help to develop clients immortal legacies. The company believes in the power of film to preserve memories forever, as life moves on and achievements are resigned to the past. It crafts documentary packages that are designed to be inspirational heirlooms, immortalising clients for their strong ethics. The ‘Media’ arm of the company concentrates strongly on the human stories behind its clients’ achievements, and endeavours to capture people and communities in their unguarded, natural states, focusing on how they have developed themselves to become the very best. Extreme Excellence World Records currently has two documentary cinematic projects that are under consideration for awards. Origins of Excellence, Crystal Davis’s story, and Stacey Sargison, a record-breaking entrepreneur story. Both films were directed by visionary filmmaker Rose Davis. Rose believes that “our personal relationships, facing death, and the choices we make based on our values, are universal human experiences.” She enjoys combining old footage with interviews to create a cinematic style that helps to simplify the often complicated themes of extreme challenges. Her aim is to help the audience comprehend extraordinary people, who choose a path that rewrites history, even under duress. “Excellence and the everyday are not mutually exclusive.” - Rose Davis Extreme Excellence World Records is the only women-founded company operating in its field, designing and adjudicating unbreakable world records that are unique in their ability to unite millions, create global movements, and immortalise ethical entrepreneurs. One of its recently achieved world records was ‘The most photos of black women with a graduation certificate uploaded to social media in 24 hours’. This project was led by Jen Franks Ahaghotu, a US based CEO and graduate of Harvard University. Jen believes black women’s educational achievements have the power to change the world, and stands behind them speaking their disruptive, natural truths. The results of Jen’s world record include 1.43 million social impacts in 24 hours, 3,527 registered participants, and 1,894 user generated posts. The world record certainly had the power to get people talking. Extreme Excellence World Records believes it is wholly possible to make seismic shifts in all areas, and is leaving a plethora of appreciative testimonials in its wake. For example, Cathy Dumoney recommends Crystal for her world beating consultancy advice. She comments, “Crystal is an absolute powerhouse. Her vision, resilience, and determination is second to none.” Extreme Excellence World Records has been selected for the title Best Luxury World Record Company 2023, in the Global Business Awards. Our congratulations go out to a company that is groundbreaking in so many ways, and always striving to positively impact the world. Why don’t you get in touch yourself, join a project, and attempt a world record! Company: Extreme Excellence World Records Web Address: Contact Name: Crystal Davis Best Luxury World Record Company 2023