Issue 12 2023

Aug23512 Best Travel Agency 2023 – Equatorial Guinea With attractions that are suitable for all tastes, impressive natural monuments, enchanting landscapes, and strong ties to its heritage, Equatorial Guinea is a land stepped in culture, history, and tradition. Basile Travel is the country’s premier travel agent, offering all of the comforts one would expect from a range of modern and luxury hotels from the colonial era. These accommodation offerings include stellar facilities suitable for conferences, relaxation, recreation, and leisure, with many located near shopping districts, others just minutes from the impressive selection of international airports, and some on the outskirts of cities in areas of natural beauty that allow patrons to enjoy its exuberant white sand beaches. Furthermore, across the country’s two capital cities and the many other notable towns located throughout, a vast array of restaurants and bars can be recommended by the agency that can easily fulfil any criteria, with something available for everyone’s liking. Within some of the country’s most popular regions, quality restaurants can also be found in abundance, with many of these being situated in fantastic hotels. The choice selection of bars provides a pleasant time for all looking for a drink and a social occasion, with leisure areas and cultural centres serving to encompass the local culture and offer a slice of Equatorial Guinea’s esteemed heritage. Another element that makes Equatorial Guinea a superb holiday location is its food offerings, with a cuisine stemming from a combination of authentic native dishes through to the delicacies found in the country’s colonial homeland of Spain, with inspiration coming even further afield from Morocco and other such Islamic states. With its status as the wealthiest nation in Western Africa to boot, a variety of meats are also common in dishes, with the most popular of these being fish and chicken. Spicy dishes are too popular in the region, bringing together a host of flavours influenced by other nations. This in addition to a host of vibrant, staple fruits and vegetable that are fresh and native to the island. Those looking to relax can enjoy access to spa and wellness facilities in many of the hotels Basile Travel partners with for its holidays, such as Sifitel Sipopo Le Golf, Hilton Bisila, Sofitel President Palace, Gran Hotel Djibloho, and Flavia Residential Complex (Flarex), with some of these offerings even complete with 18-hole golf courses. All in all, there are more than a dozen hotels available that are situated in a range of nature, beach, or urban areas, reinforcing the company’s claim that the country really does offer something for everybody. Music, cinema, and theatre are also big parts of Equatorial Guinea’s culture, and one particular way that these can be experienced firsthand is through Basile Travel’s routes, which span a number of days from 7 to 16, and also offer excellent opportunities to explore the country’s wildlife, flora, and other elements of its history and culture, with these detailed itineraries combining all of the best bits Travel agency Basile Travel invites everybody to its native Equatorial Guinea, an underappreciated paradise that is located right in the heart of Africa and possesses within the jewel that is the Gulf of Guinea. With Spanish as its official language and a range of others spoken, including Portuguese, French, and English spoken across the country, this land boasts cities of European influence, as well as exotic flora and fauna nestled between its cocoa, coffee, and banana plants. Referencing the equator in its name, this sovereign state is situated just north of the equator, and as such is dominated by a warm climate that consists of an average temperature of 26 degrees throughout the year, something that is welcomed by its myriad of visitors, who seek an authentically nature-filled African adventure. into handy, detailed tour where tourists can become well-versed with everything that makes this breathtaking location so unique and special. In every destination offered by Basile Travel, a variety of scenery can be experienced that offers rich cultural, wellness, rural, and urban tourism, enabling patrons to savour every element of this exotic, cultural, and multi-communal landscape, from exquisite gastronomy through to sports and water paradises, all while soaking up the flawless beauty of serene, largely untouched pillars of nature. A holiday in Equatorial Guinea thus serves as a tourist experience blended with an unrivalled passion that elevates it to another plane and provides a journey as authentic as one can find across the African landscape. Contact: Nchama Nzoho Maria Company: Basile Travel Web Address: