CV Issue 2 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2018 21 , Oakwell Hampton are a specialist IT &Digital Marketing Recruitment firmoperating across the UK. We profile the firmwho were recently selected in Corporate Vision’s 2018 Recruitment Top 50 list and speak to founders, Indi Pahl, BenHiggs and Simon Grimshaw and examine the techniques whichmakes it so successful. Oakwell Hampton Established in January 2016, Oakwell Hampton has risen and grown to be a real force within the IT & marketing industry. Founded with no external funding, the company has experienced amazing growth over its first two years, and now employs 18 people, whilst also being selected and awarded a multitude of industry awards. Experienced and knowledgeable within the industry, Managing Director Indi has seen it all. He talks us through the journey both he and the firm have taken in order to achieve this highly reputable status. “It has been quite the journey, but not unexpected. Train and take care of your people and everything else will look after itself. If we train our people to the very best of their ability and they remain motivated, then they will always deliver a strong service to our clients and candidates, just keep it simple” Fundamentally, it is looking after people both internally and externally that Oakwell Hampton believe contributes greatly to its success, with everybody sticking to this mantra. Placing a firm focus on the client has made Oakwell Hampton one of the most sought-after companies in the sector, attracting a wealth of good business. Achieving high customer satisfaction levels as well as returning clients, Simon notes that Oakwell Hampton constantly churns out the best results. “Constantly looking to improve our services, we are always wanting to know what our clients are saying about our performance levels. We want to know what we are doing correctly and what we can improve on, being simple, effective and regular communication is key to keep on improving.” With the recruitment industry being incredibly competitive, it is hard to differentiate companies from one another. However, Oakwell Hampton are able to mark themselves out as the best possible options for clients thanks to their incredibly inclusive culture, internally and with the client. Ben highlights how everyone gets involved and works together towards hitting the right targets and achieving the same goals. “Essentially, we move forward as a company if everyone is together and aiming for one common goal. We had a great start to life but for the company to get to the next level as quickly as we wanted, we wanted everyone on board with one common goal, so they had to be involved in setting that goal.” Gaining knowledge of the market and understanding the requirements of clients is a major factor in the success of Oakwell Hampton. Leaving no stone unturned, every employee is well aware of their clients’ needs, as well as those of the management team, and therefore work hard to pull in the same direction. The thriving working environment is vital in the way that the company operates according to Ben. “If successful, we will have a 2-location company, with an organically grown management team in place, an internal training & on-boarding process and a strong hiring strategy with proven training strategies & progression of people. All of which will have the common Oakwell Hampton thread running through it” Being a recruitment company, it is not only important to have a recruiting structure in place for clients, but also for themselves. Simon comments on the importance of internal recruitment, citing the personalities of people as key in this regard. “Having an employee centric company is all well and good, but you have to find the right people to build your company around. Recruitment is a people’s game, so you must have the right personalities representing the company. If the personality and motivations are correct then we can train to a high level. We believe we have managed to attract some of the top talent in recruitment, as well as bringing in people from other industries and helping them become top recruiters by not asking the same old tired questions at interview stage – we want to know about the person not the CV, where have they come from, what has been their journey and where do they want to go.” 1802CV21 Ultimately, there is a lot to be excited about moving forwards for Oakwell Hampton. With the management team of Indi, Ben and Simon leading the way, the company will continue to expand and grow, leading it to become an established leader within the market. Indi signs off by hinting at possible expansion throughout the UK and further afield. “Moving forwards, we are looking to open a physical presence elsewhere in the UK ASAP, before continued expansion internationally. We have big plans and we intend to see them through as quickly as possible but in the correct manner, as we will never do anything for the sake of it. We will expand because business demands it, and we want to take our brand to new locations and offer a different place to work for recruiters in that location. Lastly, we have already made international placements, so a natural progression is to explore that avenue” Company: Oakwell Hampton Contact: Indi Pahl Address: Albion Wharf, Albion Way, Manchester, M1 5LN, UK Phone: 0161 641 9726 Website: