CV Issue 2 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2018 3 Contents , 4. News 6. Transforming Cancer Care 10. Bringing Nature into the Workplace 11. Finding the Key to Success – Unlocking potential 9. Your Antidote to the Mundane! 10. Bringing Nature into the Workplace 12. Revolutionising How Your Business Works 14. Accountability, Acumen, and Aspiration 16. Training to be the Best 17. Taking Testing to the Next Level 18. Creating Agile Companies Through Coaching 20. Coaching Brilliance 21. Oakwell Hampton 22. Everything You Need to Keep Your IT Working for You! 24. Providing a Range of Support and Service Solutions 26. Nature of Business 28. Career Management Strategies for Individuals and Organizations 29. Giving Energy Law A Boost 30. Solar Energy Soars Thanks to Onyx Solar 32. When Personalities Work Well Together, Technology Runs More Smoothly 35. Corporate Excellence Awards 36. Respect, What Else? 40. Complete Cognitive Care 41. Qualified Lawyers with a Purpose. 42. Investing in the Future 43. New and Original Ways of Thinking 44. Money Talks 46. Innovative, Flexible and International 47. Healthy Aging 48. The Missing Piece of the Puzzle 49. Combining Tradition and Innovation in the Legal Profession 51. What do have Industry Analysts and Patent Attorneys in Common? 52. It’s Easy Being Green With GFS 53. Supporting SMEs to Achieve Success 54. Solving the Issue at Source 55. A Global Company for a Global Market 56. Exceeding Clients’ Expectations 58. London’s Leading Event Management Agency *