CV Issue 2 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2018 43 , HarteyWealthManagement is awell-established, family-runfinancial advice andwealth management firmwith offices inbothShropshire andCheshire.We invitedChairman, Karl Hartey to tell usmore about the secrets behind the successful financial firm. New and Original Ways of Thinking Hartey Wealth Management offers a wide range of services to high- net worth clients, specialising in investment advice, wealth management, retirement and estate planning. Additionally, the firm also supports commercial clients, providing investment portfolios tailored to meet their needs, as well as directorship and protection solutions. Possessing an ability to stand out within the financial services market, Karl starts off by discussing what differentiates the firm from its competitors, before explaining how it feels to have been selected in the Corporate Excellence Awards as the Financial Advisory Firm of the Year in the UK last year. “A key aspect of our success at Hartey Wealth Management, is that we are big enough to cope but small enough to care. Our clients are not just a number which means each and every one of them are treated as individuals. “For our small family business to be recognised on the big stage is overwhelming. We do believe that group A players run rings around a larger company with a group of B & C players. “Personally, I feel very proud and it is a huge honour for our firm to be recognised. Although I know our team work hard to provide our clients with a first-class service, it is great to see that it is being noticed elsewhere too.” Part of this success has been the high client satisfaction levels that the firm receives, and this is down to the way that the company approaches new projects and ventures. Karl explains what techniques the team use when undertaking a new client and portfolio, in order to ensure the clients receive the best possible outcome. “Crucially, we do not just work with anyone, we choose our clients, just like they choose us. If we know from the outset that a relationship is not going to work we do not force it, we like to build trusting and respectful relationships with a select client base. “To ensure that investment portfolios are tailored to individual clients’ interests, the firm offers investment presentations which provide an insight into the firm’s investment options. Once clients have decided to work with Hartey Wealth Management, they are asked to provide further details of their investments and their views on how they are working. By receiving this information before the clients initial meeting, the adviser can already understand a great deal about the client, allowing for clearer communication and greater support in the early stages of the process. From this information, our specialist research team analyses our client’s current portfolios using the best, worst and change approach.” Looking ahead, Hartey Wealth Management is well on course to achieve its vision of putting the client first and ensuring that customer satisfaction levels remain high. Furthermore, the firm is looking to ensure that the results continue to be successful for the client. Karl outlines the firm’s overall mission to us and explains how each job and project is taken very seriously. “Embedded in the company culture, our firm’s philosophy is that the client always comes first, and as such we aim to support them throughout every stage of the investment pro¬cess. Getting financial advice is not a decision to be taken lightly so it is important we are on hand to offer a professional, clear and tailored service. We take the time to break down complex problems and simplify them for our clients, which then enables them to make the best decisions and take the correct action for them.” Ultimately, achieving this mission will help set up a bright future for Hartey Wealth Management. With there already being a positive outlook for the company, Karl maintains that growth is a particular focus for the firm, along with the service that it offers. The team at Hartey Wealth Management are well set to capitalise on its success, and are 1801CV15 keeping an open mind as well as one eye on the future at all times. For the team, the future is bigger than the past. “Going forward, growth is a key focus for our firm, although we are keen to conduct his organically so that we can maintain the level of service which we pride ourselves on. We believe that supporting a limited num¬ber of clients ensures that they receive the individual attention that they deserve, and as such we are looking to raise the minimum investment in our portfolios rather than increase our client base. This strategy will provide us with a number of opportunities which we look forward to taking advantage of.” Company: Hartey Wealth Management Ltd Contact: Charlotte Hampson Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 9-11 Salop Road, Oswestry, SY11 2NR, UK Phone: 01691 654613 Website: