Corporate Vision Issue 2 2019

12 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2019 With their wealth of experi- ence, Tappable have created a simple guide on the steps to help choose the right and credible App development agency. Some of those considerations include: • Choosing frameworks with careful consideration • Setting your expectation of costs appropriately • Getting to know the team • Visit their studio/dev house • Check code ownership • Call up past clients and get references Looking ahead, the future looks bright for Tappable as Sam signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially following their recent success in CV’s 2019 Creative Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Most Innovative Mobile App Development Agency - Unit- ed Kingdom. “Moving forward, our plan for this year is to raise our profile with more of the target audiences we wish to work with. We love the start up space as it keeps us challenged, fresh and current with the technology landscape but we want to work with more established businesses in more sectors (SME’s and Corporates). We have recently won some amazing projects with some great brands and would love to share more, but its early days and we have to respect current NDA’s but watch this space!” “Ultimately, we have to continue to evolve and innovate as a company to stand out, ensuring that we keep going above and beyond, adding more value to our partners. Hence why we are extremely proud that we have been recognised for that very thing by winning this innovation award.” Contact: Sam Furr Company: Tappable Website: