Corporate Vision Issue 2 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2019 37 , 1806CV46 Equis Coaching provides consulting and coaching services to organisations throughout theUK and beyond. Recently, we profiled the organisation to discovermore about how they recognise individuals core values and improve their ethical credentials. Leading with Authenticity From their base near Swansea, Equis coaching provides coaching for individuals and team momentum and leadership training throughout the UK and beyond using face to face and virtual formats. A few of Equis Coaching’s clients are fortunate enough to be able to join them to be coached with the horses on their farm near Swansea. Equine centered learn- ing and coaching is becoming increasingly popular due to the fantastic results and guidance that clients gain from the intuition of being coached whilst with the horses. Some of the services Equis offers include team trainings for resilience building, enhancing emotional intelligence and devel- oping leadership skills. Alongside this, the firm helps organisations and individuals achieve their goals and transition through areas of change in both life and business. Philippa Stanley, Certified Life & Corporate Coach at Equis informs us of the types of clients which the organisations serves and how they ensure that they deliver an exceptional service to them. “Here at Equis, we work with both individuals and organisa- tions, and our clients generally find us through word of mouth. Also, we specialise in making our work personable to the coachee and bring a sense of connection with nature through our work. One that helps our clients to find a deeper sense of purpose and association with who they are, so they can ‘ lead with authenticity ’.” Helping to create that strong con- nection between the organisation and the client, is the talented team which forms the backbone of Equis. When discussing the internal culture, Philippa is keen to highlight the role the team play in the overall success of the organisation. “We work with a team of interna- tional professional coaches who each have a specialist back- ground that creates a greater understanding with the type of groups we work with.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the equine coaching is set to become a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2019, to enable this transformational work to be shared in the wider community. In addition to this, supporting the equine therapy will also become easier for EQUIS’s corporate clients. Once a CIC Equis will be able to apply and receive grants, stipends and donations that will enhance their community work and make accessibility to the horse centred coaching and therapy much sim- pler for those in need. Creating sponsorship opportunities for the horse coaching work will enable EQUIS’s clients to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsi- bility in the knowledge that they are supporting those who need our help. Lastly, the team at Equis have forged links with cancer support and other local charities to em- power both the rehabilitation and nurturing of carers and those in need in the community. Name: Philippa Stanley Address: Barn 2, Marchogllwyn, Sylen Road, Pontyberem, Llanelli, SA15 5ND Telephone: 01269 871944 Web Address: