Corporate Vision Issue 2 2019

38 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2019 , e.fundamentals is a British-built, world-leading ecommerce analytics platform that helps brand owners to compete and win online. Following JohnMaltman’s success in the CV 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards, we profiled the award-winning CEO and his firm to discover more about the innovative services they deliver on a daily basis. Going the Extra Mile Prior to founding e.fundamentals, John Maltman had a successful career with blue chip FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Asda Walmart), which was complemented with leadership roles in high growth B2B technology and service businesses, including Managing Partner at The Quantic Group, a sales and marketing consultancy. In 2014, John founded e.funda- mentals to deliver clients a Return on Intelligence. By optimising sales performance against The 8 Fundamentals framework, the company enables its wide range of international clients to generate fast and profitable growth through online retailers. The e.fundamen- tals service effectively up-skills sales and marketing profession- als for major brand owners. Established by a highly-expe- rienced team of FMCG sales & marketing professionals, the e.fundamentals platform is de- signed to be used intuitively by all sales and marketing profession- als – not just analysts - to improve clients’ product sales on retailers’ and wholesalers’ websites. One of e.fundamentals unique selling points is that the busi- ness is the only company in the ecommerce analytics space that guarantees to make money for its clients. Every day, their Client Success team works with clients to ensure they generate attributa- ble ROI from the service. Speaking of the clients, many of e.fundamentals’ clients are major international brand owners 1809CV44 selling through online retail- ers. The multi-faceted insights platform provides actionable data tailored to several key job roles, enabling integration into multiple departments in large companies, providing the deep insights and action recommendations they need to make shopping online a wonderful experience for their consumers. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, John and the team at e.fundamentals will continue to deliver their excep- tional services to the UK and Europe. They are looking forward to furthering European expansion and embarking on the launch of a world-first Wholesale eCom- merce service, to bring eCom- merce expertise to the online wholesale market. Contact: John Maltman Company: e.fundamentals Address: 20 St Thomas Street, 2nd Floor, Runway East, London SE1 9RS Telephone: 0131 344 4451 Website: