Issue 2 2020

10 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2020 , Jan20110 A Tremendous Solution for Media Localization Making a product fit for purpose for an international audience means taking amessage and making it suitable wherever it is sent. OOONA.Net Ltd is an exceptional provider of this service to client across multiple industries. Following their recent recognition by Corporate Vision as the Best Solution for LocalizationManagement and Production Tools for 2020, we profile the company to find out more. Creating a global market is incredibly dependant on intimate knowledge of a local market. No solution fits one region and servicing that need can be an immense challenge. OOONA is equipped to handle many aspects of the localization industry. Brainchild of Wayne Garb and Gal Pasternak Shamlikashvili, the business has gone from strength to strength. With several years of successful operation behind them, OOONA has plenty of experience with many clients. Its successful cloud-based system for managing translation, subtitling and captioning workflows, OOONA Manager, is the platform of choice for small and corporate sized localization companies and processes tens of thousands of projects on a monthly basis. To complement this, OOONA has developed OOONA Tools and OOONA Cloud. OOONA Tools leverages a pay-as-you-go, pricing model to allow users to choose necessary tools for their business, providing creation, translation, review and subtitles. Enterprise API solutions caps this cutting-edge technology trusted by thousands of users in over 50 countries. OOONA Cloud matches the needs of the modern market. This latest development was one of the most challenging for the company, with the transfer of workflow and tools to the web presenting a major change for the organization. Thankfully this reliable, ISO 27001 certified, cloud-based solution offer both small and large enterprises instantly scalable localization and safe hosting and backup of data. The success of the company comes from carefully listening to the needs of the market and working alongside many universities to train the next generation. OOONA has worked with clients from the largest localization companies all the way to single translators. Attending a lot of trade shows and personal roadshows has allowed the business to develop its brand. OOONA presents a step forward for those wanting to take advantage of the global marketplace. Through its development of professional management and production tools, it is able to provide exceptional service to the localization industry at large. Contact: Wayne Garb Web Address: Tasks Dashboard Captions Review app