Issue 2 2020

18 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2020 , Peerless PR Firm Finds Fortune Good PR is only as good as the agency, and finding one that can clearly communicate a story in a way that is interesting, exciting and sells is always a challenge. Fortunately, Deussen Global Communications stands head and shoulders above the rest with an approach that rewards client and agency. One of 2019’s Best in PR & Communications, we take a closer look at the business to discover the secrets of its success. With a specialty in wines, spirits, travel, and food, Deussen Global has earned a reputation for positioning clients for growth and acquisition, moving the niche into the mainstream, and raising its clients’ profiles to new heights. Since 2002, Christine and her hard-working team have worked tirelessly to maintain incredibly high standards that benefit everybody. The reasons behind the success of the firm are myriad. When first meeting with a client, the team take the time to learn their stories. They walk their properties, taste their products, and meet their teams. In 2019, Christine flew enough miles to circle the globe four-and-a-half times. This allows the team to communicate the message behind each business or region authentically. Thanks to Deussen’s staff responsive professionals, who are hand- picked for being thoughtful speakers and writers, clients trust the agency to provide the best service possible. Deussen clients range from start-ups to brands with hundreds of years of history, from private enterprises to governmental organizations. The international clientele chooses Deussen Global because of incredible success rate, which is also backed by guarantee: every deliverable is agreed to in advance, including the number of media placements, the number of media impressions, and of course ROI. If the firm ever fail to reach a target, they work for free until they do. Deussen’s New York City base allows access to 80% of the nation’s media, as well as early trend spotting and direct travel to countries across the globe; the company also has satellite offices in Miami and Chicago. This gives the firm an immense advantage over competitors, especially combined with decades of expertise as well as deep and broad contacts. Executing plans that draw on everything from traditional media relations to social media support, from celebrity partnerships to influencer marketing, there are few firms better equipped to elevate a business’ reputation than Deussen Global. While technology of course plays a major role in modern day communications, the most effective methods are still live and one-to-one. With only so many hours in a day, hiring an agency is – in the long run – more cost-effective than hiring solo practitioner. On the other side of the same coin, hiring a small agency also guarantees clients the time and attention of company founders. Also on a technological note, the Deussen team has seen a shift in the relationship between social and traditional media. When social media first emerged, traditional media was discounted as “old fashioned.” As brands learned the ropes of social media, and the channel itself matured, the credibility of traditional media regained ground; in fact, the third-party content generated by traditional media creates the most high- performing social media posts. Regarding trends shaping epicurean world, the quest for “good for you” is reflected by interest in sugar free, gluten free, natural, organic, biodynamic, and low-intervention products, as well as in companies that take a special interest in environmental matters. The rising interest in gastro-tourism has allowed businesses off the beaten track to gain exposure, too. In 2020, the agency has already overseen clients speaking at the annual Wine & Spirits Daily Summit thanks to an interview set up the year before; visited Puerto Rico to set up a honeybee sanctuary; and executed the DAYTONA 500. Next key dates including managing 14 winemakers at VinExpo New York; launching a prestigious collection of first-growth Bordeaux in Miami; attending the American Craft Spirits Association’s annual conference in Oregon; and then supporting several clients at the most important duty free conference for the Americas, and this is all just a fraction of the agency’s first quarter schedule. It’s of no surprise to anyone that good PR generates excellent results for a business, and Deussen Global is in such high demand because it provides exceptional service. Not just in it for the money, this is a firm that enjoys what it does, and does what it enjoys. This shines through every aspect of the business, and is one of the reasons the company is so highly regarded in the industry. Contact: Christine Deussen Website: Email: [email protected] Oct19406