Issue 2 2020

24 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2020 , Nov19309 Creating the Bond Between Brand to Human ® Remarkable branding is muchmore complex and involved than simply a brand’s logo or visual communications. Worthy winner of Corporate VisionMagazine’s award for Best Branding, Marketing, &Advertising Agency 2020 – Texas, IDealogic ® Brand Lab has found that great branding backed by science leads to influential positioning for any organization. The unique, Houston-based creative agency has created a proprietary, results-based brand science built around human behaviour. Here we take an exclusive peek into the secrets of the firm’s success and client wins. As a full- service, visual communications company, IDealogic ® Brand Lab’s core focus is in complete brand creation and market implementation, including Brand Analysis, Brand Strategy, Company and Brand Culture engineering, Brand Experience, Brand and Marketing Communications. The agency specializes in the ART & SCIENCE of company branding. Though a boutique firm, the honed skills of the agency’s people make the company a powerhouse for creativity and strategic design. As leading experts in the Art & Science of branding, IDealogic® is seamlessly positioned to work with any organization in order to produce results that not only draw in more sales, but also improve how their clients’ businesses function to ensure staff members are aligned and unified. As a result, companies thrive, drawing on the meaningful connections that make the biggest possible impact. The brand’s approach to influential branding is vastly different from today’s industry standards; the industry-agnostic agency pushes the envelope where no other brand has been before. The firm’s staff accomplishes this feat by studying the psychology behind human behaviour and human nature and applying their findings to their branding. The company’s Brand Science℠ has given IDealogic® the ability to truly understand human behaviour and brand development on a genetic level, becoming the catalyst that creates the bonds between Brand to Human ®. This approach has helped the clients not only view their target audiences in a new light, but to garner clear, measurable results in revenue, reputation, and brand loyalty. “When you are inclined to build a meaningful relationship with someone, do you base it off monetary value, or is it because of common interests and principles? Why would the Brand to Human ® relationship be any different?” – Ron Netanel, Founder of IDealogic ® . To be effective in branding, companies should aim to appeal to the needs and desires of the target audience in order to foster a relationship that can be expanded upon through the sales of goods and services. IDealogic® firmly believes that every company, in every industry, should engineer its brand around the people who matter, so that the brand revolves around what it means to be human. The Brand to Human ® scientific approach is the foundation for IDealogic’s core beliefs. The firm stands on the principle that brands should no longer be intangible identities; instead, they should have personality and exist as human-like entities. This approach is a three-phrase process that carries great meaning and purpose, pushing businesses to work toward building relationships with consumers in order to garner the sale. With this innovative science, IDealogic ® creates phenomenal, Fortune 500-caliber brand identities for small and mid-market companies looking to grow market share. Typically working alongside mid-market B2B and B2C organizations with annual earnings that range between $50M to over $1B, IDealogic ® has proven its capabilities to adapt and adopt in a vast array of industry segments. By focusing on building profitable relationships between companies and the people who purchase from them, IDealogic® has a track record that has garnered significant results for client partners. IDealogic’s main goal is to capture market share for each and every client. The firm’s proprietary, scientific approach to branding, marketing, and advertising has positioned the brand with a unique advantage to develop strategies that free clients from stuck spots, help them see through blind spots, and turn business pain points into gain points. In most businesses, leadership have aspiring ideas to grow the company;