Issue 2 2020

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2020 25 Creating the Bond Between Brand to Human ® however, a lot of these ideas are disjointed and do not work together for a consistent brand experience. IDealogic® focuses on the company’s pain points by analysing everything in the brand’s ecosystem. By doing so, IDealogic ® can fill in the gaps with strategic brand solutions. Per IDealogic ® , the key to brand success is understanding humans and creating strategies that appeal to our desires, needs, and journey. The firm does this based on an understanding of human behavior, cultures, lifestyles, and aesthetic appeal. This process revolves around in-depth strategies that facilitate the customer experience and foster brand loyalty. Defining and creating the brand’s architecture, strategy, concept, and visual appeal are only some of the points in the Brand to Human ® process that guarantee a company’s significant growth. IDealogic ® applies the Brand to Human ® method to every client, strategically transforming the business model into a Brand Model® built around purpose, values, and meaning. In this way, everyone interacting with the organization—customers, staff, leadership, vendors, partners, etc., —benefits. Clients are reaping great rewards and long-term benefits by being able to understand their customers’ values and beliefs. These powerful results include increased market share, brand awareness, and perceived value; the elimination of growth plateaus, the delivery of memorable customer experiences, and more. IDealogic® removes the guesswork for clients to see scalable growth and seamless engagement through market and competitor analysis, buyer persona and customer segment development, customer experience analysis and complete brand development strategy. This system is a major component of the agency’s Brand Science SM . As a valuable asset across the branding, marketing and advertising spectrum, it is clear that the company’s scientific Brand to Human ® approach is a method that is instantly transferable to a number of disciplines. Built on the science behind human relationships, IDealogic® is able to draw a deeper connection that allows the agency and its clients to reach significance. With no greater proof than the branding agency’s own success, we cannot wait to see what IDealogic ® Brand Lab does next. Company: IDealogic® Brand Lab Contact: Ruth Netanel Web Address: