Issue 2 2020

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2020 27 , Peerless POS System Secures Satisfaction As customers expect close to zero wait times, the need for businesses to see POS systems not as a one-off purchase, but an operational expense is increasingly important. Able to provide a quicker and near seamless shopping experience, Globe POS Systems have led the way inmeeting the needs of the modern customer. As the deserving winner of Best POS Technology System2020 – Canada in Corporate VisionMagazine, we profile the firm to find out more. Since 1970, Globe POS has been committed to finding the best solution to Point of Sale systems for businesses from the smallest independent corner shop to the largest franchise of supermarkets. Distinguished by a team brimming with functional and technical expertise, as well as a plethora of hands-on experience, it’s no wonder this company has gone on to great success in the industry. Globe POS has seen tremendous change in the industry, all of which is based on the expectation of customers. There are few organizations better placed in the industry to guide businesses through the complex array of options when it comes to providing the perfect POS system. This RSPA certified seller offers its customers many easy- to-use, easy-to-manage systems, ranging from POS systems, to sales, to printers. This evident mastery of administrative tools enables businesses to effectively and efficiently manage their products, their customers and their cashflow. The importance of POS systems to businesses cannot be overstated. Customers have become accustomed to frictionless shopping and autonomous checkout processes, as well as a desire to spend as Nov19144 little time as possible paying for goods. While many stores will have multiple POS lanes, the ability to serve customers more swiftly is entirely dependant on the effectiveness of the checkout process. Longer than necessary scan times, difficulty finding manual buttons, slow printing and payment are all dependent on the technology used. Creating a POS system, therefore, must take into account several factors including the grade of the computer hardware, the reliability of the software and availability of quick and efficient support when required. If networking is added to the list, the POS system effectively becomes its own technological eco-system. One of the problems that Globe POS continues to come up against is the belief that a POS system is one of capital expense as opposed to continual investment. With the technological revolution racing forward, it can be of no surprise that the systems of 5-10 years ago are becoming increasingly slow and inefficient. Gaining the satisfaction of customers pays itself back several times over when compared to the cost of upgrading a POS system, which is just one reason why Globe POS has such a major role to play for retailors of all kinds. While one of the services that Globe POS provides has been able to help customers by upgrading older systems to the newest processors and latest software, Microsoft Windows has recently announcing it is discontinuing updates and support for Windows 7. Windows is used in more than half of retail operations, and while changing parts of a legacy system has been the most popular form of replacing POS components it can lead to stagnation for the retailor. Meeting customer demand is no easy challenge, as people expect services that are quicker, slicker and more efficient than ever before. One of the ways in which a small to medium enterprises can match the standards of big companies is by ensuring that the payment process is as efficient as possible. Keeping customers moving quickly not only keeps them happy, but keeps them coming back. Company: Globe POS Systems Inc Contact: Paul Leduc