Issue 2 2021

Nov20255 Connecting with Customers Conversocial consists of a team of industry veterans utilising their skills and advanced software and intelligent automation to simplify how the world communicates. Harry Rollason, the firm’s Marketing Director, tells us more about what sets the firm apart from others, and how a strong emphasis on employee wellbeing is the key to success. Social media is not just about catching up with our friends and family, over recent years many businesses and organisations have utilised the latest technology and taken to social media platforms to engage with clients, customers and consumers. The innovatively named Conversocial is a conversational customer experience platform that allows natural, engaging brand-to-consumer conversations to flow seamlessly on messaging channels (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter DM, and more) throughout the entire consumer lifecycle. Conversocial expertly blends the scaling ability of bots with the finesse of humans in a single platform, offering a superior experience for customers and agents alike. The result: frictionless customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle that increase the productivity of the brand while driving increased loyalty and incremental revenue, all at scale. Marketing Director, Harry Rollason, tells us more about the firm and the rationale behind its inception. “We were founded on the promise of simplifying brand and consumer interaction — allowing brands to connect with their customers where they are in a simple and straightforward way,” he begins. “We’ve always drawn inspiration from the ways we interact as humans — the ways we connect with our friends and family (and today even with our home devices), and have worked to bring a similar level of simplicity to the way brands and consumers interact.” Over the years, Conversocial became one of the first engagement platforms to expand support over messaging channels like WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat. On top of these new channels, the firm has now added AI and automation to allow its brands to be more predictive and productive when engaging with their consumers. “We realise that we are leading our brands through a digital transformation journey and, as such, we embody the values that allow supporting this massive transformation: we are team players, we are gritty, we are curious, we solve problems and are we understand that in a fast-moving environment, it is crucial to be passionate about helping our customers and supporting one another.” While it mostly serves enterprise brands, Harry tells us that Conversocial is largely vertical agnostic which means it can serve any brand with its offering. Most of its customers come from the retail, travel and hospitality industries, but it also services large telcos, financial institutions and health care providers, approaching new clients through a combination of outbound and inbound marketing activities. Harry continues to expand on what it is that has made Conversocial so successful, and what it is that makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to social media engagement. He believes there are three key elements to its success: the team, the product and the processes that have been built around it. The first and most important thing that makes Conversocial successful in Harry’s eyes are the people - it is the team who make the company what it is as they are people who want to make a difference, and who are committed to their customers and colleagues. Those who will always go the extra mile and will start by lending a helping hand to solve a challenge, and those who would have fun doing so. “Being curious, biased towards action, and supporting one another are at the core of who we are,” he enthuses. “These values are what we built Conversocial around, ones that we are proud to represent. We work hard while having each other’s backs and have fun doing so. “We are a safe place for our employees — a place where it’s ok to try new things and to break things while trying. We focus on unlocking the potential of each and every one of us — growing as individuals, as a team, and as a company.” Secondly, is the unique technology that is utilised. Conversocial supports the most robust number of messaging channels and expertly blends the scaling ability of bots with the finesse of humans into a single platform, offering a superior experience to customers and agents alike. Lastly, it is the processes used which Harry explains also helps to differentiate the firm from its competition. “We know that the channels and experiences we are promoting to our brands are innovative, so we realize they require a certain level of commitment to make them successful. We’ve built a practice around our tools and technology to allow brands to leverage existing customer intents and interactions — from getting them started to continuously improve them as they go.”