Issue 2 2021

Issue 2 2021 25 Regarding the future, Storage Made Easy has some exciting plans in the pipeline in regard to the continued expansion and functionality of its software. From a business perspective, the company has a clear long-term business mission in which it has defined several clear business goal objectives for the next 36 months, including continued growth; securing key strategic partners; and accelerating customer’s secure digital transformation. “At this point we have delivered against our original vision of a software product that provides a single-entry point to corporate data in which companies can securely manage content and set common policies through a global file system,” says Jim. “From the onset to achieve this the product mined content metadata as this was (and is) the File Fabric’s secret sauce for working with the various storage solutions, be they file or object based.” Over time the metadata collected evolved from simple file or object metadata (name, date, size, location) to also include content metadata (file or object content indexes). Today, this includes integrations with AI based content metadata enhancement services such as Google Vision. As the File Fabric mines file and object metadata, it is available to be used for the good of the organization in all sorts of ways which does not necessarily involve full blown AI or deep learning. This may involve using metadata to be smart about creating an Active Archive across two or more storage instances, aiding in the recovery of Ransomware attacks, or for Data Automation in which certain metadata event triggers cause an action to occur, such as tiering data (using the File Fabric’s M-Stream file acceleration feature). “As we move forward over the next year, we are continuing to explore deep learning algorithms which introduce the possibility of being even smarter about finding patterns in the metadata. This could be as diverse as finding files that are familiar or finding patterns that enable past behaviour to predict future behaviour, all of which will be an enabler for us to provide a smarter document driven enterprise.” Company: Storage Made Easy Contact: Mariado Martinez, Marketing Manager Website: