Issue 2 2021

Oct20430 Amping Up The Marvellous Marketing In a world that is increasingly digital and where the right marketing can make a world of difference, Amped Lead Generation might just be one of the most valuable firms around for those involved in real estate. After the firm was named the Most Influential Leader in Real Estate Marketing 2020 – Texas, we profiled it to find out more about what it offers, and what makes it such an outstanding option for those working in real estate marketing. The Amped brand is a far-reaching conglomerate, made of many pieces that come together to form a marketing puzzle of sorts. Chief among them is Amped Lead Generation, which takes the lead with more than 5,400 websites that generate mortgage and real estate leads. There are a handful of other parts of the conglomerate, which includes Amped Database Management, a CRM system that managed the incoming leads with automated triggers to maximise the ROI on incoming leads for the marketing partners. Amped Rescue is a distressed property software that tracks the properties and owners to assist with a refinance, or cash offer to help them sell the distressed property very quickly. There is also an India-based facet to the company, Amped Digital Solutions, which is a website design, software, and mobile app design company. The Manila-based Amped Business Solutions, which is the business development arm of the Amped brand, handles customer service and virtual assistance service for the Amped brand, as well as other small business companies that require assistance. Amped Finance Solutions is a real estate finance company for owner finance transactions, and Amped Insurance Group is a property and casualty, and life insurance and annuity company that assists with insurance and investment needs. It’s safe to say that the Amped brand has grown a lot over the last three years, and is now in a position where it can assist clients with all facets of the mortgage and real estate industry. One of the reasons that the Amped brand has been so highly successful is that it has found a way to place a website or advertisement in just about every crack, crevice, and part of the industry. With more than seven thousand websites being created and perfectly placed in the top two hundred cities of the United States, the Amped brand has taken each market captive. It is a behind-the-scenes company, and works tirelessly on behalf of its clients to provide a simple, yet highly effective service for the marketing partners so that they can be successful and grow their platform. Amped is focused on making its partners shine, and works on its SEO and social media marketing platform to make itself better every single day. As the flagship of the company, Amped Lead Generation is responsible for working primarily with mortgage banks that are seeking leads for purchase transactions. With over seventeen years in the mortgage industry as an executive, it has been the privilege of the firm’s own executive-level staff to meet with many other mortgage executives and help them achieve their professional goals. This has made finding mortgage partners rather easy, given that the staff know how the industry works and where strengths and weaknesses lie for every single company. The weakest link for every single company is that they rely on realtor partners to provide all their business. The Loan Officers may be the ones to bring the realtor relationship with them, but the main problem is the high turnover in the industry. When a Loan Officer leaves therefore, they take all the business with them. This demand constant recruitment to replace lost revenue, which can be rather expensive. Businesses such as this simply have the wrong blueprint for continued success and growth, with the cost of recruiting fees, sign-on bonuses, shopping expenses, new and old leases, HR expenses, and large amounts of training all amounting to quite the expensive decision. Companies like Quicken primarily attain their business via advertisements, but it is 99% refinance transactions, and it is proven that the revenue us smaller on refinance transactions due to rate compression and rate competition. This is where Amped comes in. Amped is the first and the largest business in the country that generates purchase transactions as its primary focus. This provides an opportunity for the marketing partners to not only control and train the business should a Loan Officer leave, but it also solidifies the realtor relationships as Amped is the only platform consistently handing business back to them. The fact is that the current leadership does not understand the cost of lead generation will actually cut expenses by making it very difficult for Loan Officers to leave, thereby cutting corporate expenses. Changing the course in this way will force the hand of every mortgage company to do the same, or they risk losing their realtor partners to a company that provides business in return. Again, this should force many companies to seek out the services of Amped and the Amped brand, especially given that Amped has already purchased the best domains available in the top two hundred cities of the United States. Now, the Amped brand is in a place where it can roll out hundreds of new websites each month to solidify its presence and position at the top of the food chain within the world of real estate marketing. It will become almost impossible for competitors to even get close to what the firm has built over the last three years. Amped has spent three years learning and perfecting the algorithms in each city, and it has certainly paid off. Of course, none of this would be possible without the staff that make Amped so outstanding in the first place. The staff are everything when it comes to sealing the deal on the success that the brand has built for itself. The leadership has provided the blueprint and the capital that has allowed the team to build the machine; the vision has been provided, and the staff have turned it into a masterful realization. Now, the Amped machine is preparing to move into new arenas in 2021. The firm will aim to enter the insurance industry and auto industry, and is also building a personal injury law platform. It will likely roll out in 2022, but it is possible that the team will get over the line in the last quarter of 2021. There can be little growth without challenge, and that has certainly proven to be the case for the team at Amped. The biggest challenge currently is the mass refinance boom. When mortgage companies are dealing with mass volume, and pipelines are backed up, they are not looking to market for more business. Marketing shut down completely for four months, and it was a swift sucker punch for Amped. Yet, the leadership regrouped and attained new contracts, despite it being hard to keep paying staff with no revenue. Though this will likely continue as COVID-19 continues to be present in our lives, Amped will find a way to continue delivering excellence for itself and its clients. Armed with the experience and expertise of its leadership, 2021 should be a banner year for the Amped brand. It has taken the downtime forced by COVID-19 to fix errors and build out more sites to maintain its position at the forefront of what the industry has to offer. Taking its place on the pedestal, Amped is refreshed and ready to go achieve more growth and more success than ever before.