Issue 2 2021

By allowing people on-demand earned wage access and the ability to save before payday, it opens the door to paying bills and budgeting intelligently. The challenge has always been the sheer logistical hurdle of this work previously, but the fintech solution provided by DailyPay simplifies the problem significantly. It modernises the payment of people to match the way in which they live the rest of their lives. Ensuring payment in a timely fashion is not the only place where the DailyPay team excels. Their various modules have also introduced methods of building a savings safety net that takes some earnings before it even arrives in the bank account, as well as sending off an off-cycle payroll payment to a single, or even multiple employees. This increased flexibility is a positive boon to those in the industry, and is why the firm continues to enjoy such popularity amongst its customers. As people come to have higher expectations in their lives, it’s clear that this must be reflected in the way they work as well. The team at DailyPay has taken the time to do this with PayEx™. They know the market, and its needs, and have worked tirelessly to meet them. With such a strong pedigree of success behind them, we can’t wait to see what this team does next. Contact: Sehrish Sayani Website: Pay Today! When people have financial security, they are much more likely to stay at a company, but the meaning of financial security has changed significantly over the years. What previously used to mean a regular paycheck at weekly or monthly intervals has become a need to have the ability to access the pay that they’ve earned on demand. This, of course, places an enormous strain on established HR systems. In many cases, it simply isn’t feasible. To the team at DailyPay, this was a challenge they could meet thanks to the use of the latest technology available. In short order, the firm has become the leading fintech provider of earned income software. The system is called PayEx™, and is specifically designed to easily integrate with large companies’ payroll and time management systems. While a tool for the employer, it is designed for the benefit of the employee. By strengthening the bond between both sides, loyalty increases considerably. This unique pay experience not only leads to increased employee engagement and retention but does so with minimal effort and at no cost to the employer. When a team turns to the use of PayEx™, they find that their employees have a work-life that matches the frictionless experiences of everything else in their lives. From cars to coffee, from fun to food delivery, one of the joys of today’s world is the ability to quickly and easily access goods and services. PayEx™ simply does this in a person’s work-life too. Nov20333 Many people think that HR doesn’t really understand what they need and what they want. In these challenging times, new ways of paying people are vital to ensuring that they have the financial security they deserve. Recognised in 2021’s Corporate Excellence Awards for their success in the reinvention of human capital management, we take a closer look at DailyPay to find out more about how they’ve brought this dream to life.