Corporate Vision Issue 3 2018

10 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2018 , CapitaliumAdvisors ® is an independent wealthmanagement company offering premium services for international clients. We spoke toManaging Partner & CEO, Alain Zell who provided us with an in-depth insight into the company’ services. A New Vision on Wealth Management Capitalium Advisors ® is an independent wealth management company, offering premium services for international clients. Its founders share a passion for endeavours, abide by common values and adhere to a collective vision to redefine wealth management and its practices. Alain tells us how the firm has adapted well to the ever developing industry, and with client expectations rising, staff have had to adapt and create new services accordingly. “In tune with a new generation of clients, we understand evolving expectations as well as the stakes that are at play. The company offers an innovative approach, built on rigor and excellence.” Going back to the beginning, Alain touches on how the idea of Capitalium Advisors came to fruition, alluding to the passion of its founders and the service that they wanted to deliver. The founders wanted to be stand alone in their commitment to helping clients, something Alain is keen to point out. “Wholly owned by its founders, Capitalium Advisors ® is not a part of any financial establishment. This allows us to deliver services completely independently, without any conflict of interests and with the standards of excellence that we have imposed on ourselves. Our added value is based on a firm commitment with two objectives: protecting and expanding our clients’ assets.” Regarding the principal services that the company provides, Alain comments on the firm’s priorities and how it constantly works hard to develop solutions for clients in any scenario, outlining the three- pronged approach that the firm deploys when taking on projects. “Essentially, we develop solutions especially for our clients, whether families, the emerging generation of millennials or entrepreneurs. These offerings were not designed for our clients, but with them for the purpose of simplifying the financial component of their life equation. “Furthermore, we adopt a three- pronged approach, including Casa Invest, Casa Nexgen and Casa Advice. Starting with Casa Invest; we manage discretionary mandates, consultancies and supervisory services. In the case of Casa Nexgen; our proprietary concept, it is the non-financial branch of the Capitalium Advisors ® services. It is targeted above all to families, helping them tackle challenges related to the transmission of patrimony. Lastly, regarding Casa Advice; we help our client to maintain total control over their private affairs, with a team of professionals who master the challenges and increasing complexities of today’s environment.” Placing an emphasis on putting the client first and tailoring its solutions to suit, there a lot of aspects which help Capitalium Advisors to stand out from the crowd. Alain explains some of the key differentiators which distinguish the company from its competitors. “While banks focus on staying profitable by cutting costs and raising prices, we do just the opposite – we constantly invest in enhancing our offering. This is the only way that we can create concrete and tangible added value. “On the portfolio management front, we have two requirements. Firstly, we manage by convictions and avoid the soft consensus at all costs, as it undermines performance over the long term and marginalises risk control. Secondly, we privilege open architecture financial products. This guarantees us access to the best providers and the expertise of specialists. These requirements are accompanied by a clear code of conduct: refusal to receive retrocessions, no bias towards highly marginal products, no unjustified portfolios turnover and a systematic hunt for hidden costs. 1802CV29 “Foremost, performance is what drives our decisions and recommendations. Also, we consider factors such as flexibility and efficiency to optimise our output. Models borrowed from core-satellite institutional investors inspire our work. The choice of tools revolves around indexed vehicles and investment funds, which we supplement via investments in direct lines, derivatives, structured products and real assets.” Ultimately, Capitalium Advisors is a key player within the finance industry and there are exciting times ahead for the firm. Working exceptionally hard to provide the best customer service possible, the company is able to attract a variety of clients, and its customer satisfaction levels will see it establish itself as a leader within the finance sector. Contact: Alain Zell Address: Rue de la Pélisserie 16, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland Phone: +41225446300 Website: