Corporate Vision Issue 3 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2018 11 , Another Avenue was established in response to the technology changes that were happening in the video industry. We speak to SharynMitchell about the ever evolving technology industry, and how the company has adapted to the subsequent changes. Alternative and Innovative Technology Founded in 2003, Another Avenue opened with the aim of marrying the best in-video production and post-production services which typically were not offered in-house, under one roof, creating a full-service production company. Sharyn tells us a bit more about the company and the services that it offers. “Here at Another Avenue, we are also a Digital Asset & Content Management company, so aside from creating the videos, we also manage our clients’ digital content and create digital plans for digital content across all mediums. Plus, the team is able to capture and hold existing assets so they can be used and reused quickly and effectively.” Sharon outlines the firm’s overall mission to us and explains what steps the team take to achieve this, alluding to a firm focus on understanding what the client wants and producing the desired outcome. “Undertaking projects with the intention to help our clients, we help firms to create engaging and relevant messaging that enables them to communicate to their staff, customers and suppliers in a better way, which in turn increases sales and better employee engagement. Our video content needs to connect with audiences to engage, inform and inspire them through powerful and visual storytelling.” Differentiating the company from its competitors, Sharyn is keen to point out how the team at the top are very adept at monitoring trends, and therefore the team is able to stay ahead of any developments, giving Another Avenue an advantage within the market. “A key aspect of our success is that our CEO, Mark Wooderson is very good at noticing trends, especially in relation to technology. This has enabled us to grow our business. Additionally, our ability to bring broadcast technologies and workflows to our corporate video clients who historically would not have been able to afford them, has also been a huge asset for our business.” Commenting on the industry at present, Sharyn mentions how Brexit is a challenge to the company in an economical sense, as it will almost certainly affect the variety of clients that the company work with. Furthermore, there are still opportunities which the team are looking to explore which will potentially result in growth and expansion, as Sharyn alludes to. “The biggest economic challenge we face at the moment is Brexit, as many of our clients operate in the UK and Europe, so the current uncertainty means brands have been slower to roll out new products or messages, as they wait to understand the effects of Brexit on the economy and their customer base. “One of the big recent developments in the industry has been the rise of low cost, live streaming which we see as a large growth area, especially as the technology costs continue to fall. Moreover, more companies are now offering broadband, which in the past had been the stumbling block to companies being able to access affordable live streaming options. As such, corporate messaging is more focused and therefore more of a narrow casting approach is required, meaning there is a lower number of views, but the content is specific and targeted directly to each of those viewers, meaning the video does not have to be short and snappy, which tends to be the norm regards social media videos.” Operating within the video industry, Sharyn mentions what techniques the firm employs in order to stay ahead of emerging developments, alongside monitoring the relevant trends. “In the technology industry, video and mobile go hand in hand and the reality in 2018 is that over 85% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. YouTube 1802CV46 has reported that mobile video consumption continues to rise by 100% per annum, as more people enjoy watching videos on the go, and the number of smartphone users is growing. So, while the global video audience keeps growing it is up to us to keep up with these emerging global trends, so that we can best advise our corporate clients.” Regarding the future of Another Avenue, Sharyn outlines the future plans of the firm, as they look to stick to operating within the broadcast sectors, innovating and creating solutions and products which will help the company to stand out in the technology industry. “Looking ahead, our company works in both the Corporate and Broadcast sector so we are seeing a lot more intersection of these areas with the rise of sponsored programming. As such, we hope to continue to build in both of these spaces.” General Contact: Sharyn Mitchell Address: 14 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, DO4 KP74, Ireland Phone: +353 1 6601588 Website: