Corporate Vision Issue 3 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2018 19 , agency’s recent success as he looks for the team to continue to grow and learn, as Buzz looks to establish itself as a leader in the market. “Hopefully we will continue to grow, as we have achieved so much thus far, but we are still a young business and have got so much to learn. Also, we have just started working alongside a pretty large global brand, which is huge in the US. This partnership will bring with it a new challenge for us, and many more lessons.” Contact: Jon Orchard Address: Yew Tree House, Church Street, St Neots, PE19 2BU, UK Phone: 01480 278012 Website: Local BuzzMarketing Limited is an innovative and creative Digital Marketing company offering its expertise to a variety of clients. We invitedManaging Director, Jon Orchard to talk us through some of the exciting aspects of the company going forwards. Creating a Buzz in the Marketing Industry Based in Cambridgeshire, Buzz is a creative team of web and graphic designers, web developers, SEOs (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Qualified Adwords Specialists. The team’s services include all of the above, and everything digital including social media marketing, photography and videography. Throughout Cambridgeshire and London, the team work with an assortment of SME’s, exceeding client expectations along the way. Working with the client on all aspects of their work, Jon tells us how he and the rest of the firm approach a new client or undertake a new project, before outlining what steps are taken to ensure that the desired outcomes is reached on both sides. “If it is SEO, Adwords or web based, the first thing we do is run a Health Check Report. We need to know what is currently happening before we can make any recommendations, and it is important to look back before you look forward. There is always a team meeting about the client’s business. “Essentially, we are looking for an opportunity where we can make a difference, and a perfect culture fit. If we are confident we can do some good and it feels right, feels like we would get on, then we start planning. We know we are going to spend a lot of time with the new client so it’s wise to check everything, and not just try and win every bit of business. This is best for the client. “Finally, if it is design work, we will usually offer a mood-board visual first. It is nice to know if you are on the same page before you start working together.” Capturing the attention of clients is a major aim of the firm, as Jon and the team look to surprise clients and surpass their demands on a regular basis. It is this mission and ethos which helps differentiate Buzz from its competitors, along with its dedication to detail and forward-thinking ambition. Jon explains how he places a sole focus on his firm and how to improve it. “In everything we create, we are taking another step in the pursuit of originality. I think about us and what we are doing all the time, and I am never thinking about our competitors. However, I do see stuff other digital agencies create from time to time, and I think cool, that is really smart.” Boasting a team of well-qualified and certified individuals, Jon explains how the team are 1803CV23 constantly training and learning, making sure they are of the highest standard to help other companies. “In order to stay one step ahead in the market, we take our Google exams every year. Staying affiliated and qualified with Google helps us to help other businesses the best we can. Also, as the Digital Age is fast changing, you have to keep learning.” Contributing to the success of Buzz is the freedom that staff are given to be creative, along with the relaxed atmosphere which sees staff enjoying going to work. Jon believes that teamwork is crucial to the agency’s success. “At Buzz, it is quite relaxed and we consider it to be a fun place. It’s a hive of creativity and ideas, and then all of sudden it’s quiet if we are studying, maybe taking a new online course, or working on a tricky website. We are always taking new courses, sharing our knowledge and ideas. The culture is very much an unwritten rule of teamwork and just general effort, together and we keep tapping on that stone in the same place until it cracks and we win for our client.” Looking ahead, there are exciting times ahead for Buzz as Jon hints at possible growth and expansion. He wants to capitalise on the