Issue 3 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 11 Dedicated to Delivering a Positive Experience incredible accomplishment was achieved due to us having a team that collectively believes in the idea of hard work, discipline, and strong work ethics. “Currently, we have a team of 200 plus employees with in-house CPAs and Enrolled Agents, whose technical know- how ensures that the firm keeps churning out consistently suc- cessful results. “Our mantra is simple - Keep the customers happy , and success will automatically follow. We take great pride in the strict processes and standard operating proce- dures which we have set up to ensure that we deliver a positive client experience.” Working behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines are met, and goals are achieved is the dedicated, passionate team of talented individuals who form the backbone of MyTaxFiler. When discussing the internal culture, Sudhir is delighted to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the award-winning firm. “The success of our firm is largely accredited to the hard work of our exceptionally talented team. We have a team of CPAs and Enrolled Agents who work tirelessly around the year, adjust- ing to different time zones, and meeting tax deadlines. Tax filing itself is a demanding and chal- lenging job, and the team has never failed to meet a target. We have a strong HR and Finance backend managed seamlessly by Supriya Pai, who makes sure we have a great, reliable team in place and cash flows are balanced to avoid the all-too- common financial stress SMEs face. Anand Palanisamy, our Head of Operations and Technol- ogy, is another crucial cog in the wheel - he ensures that all parts of our systems are operating with utmost efficiency, and there is a secure, technical infrastructure in place to deal with our clients’ confidential information. “In addition to this, we also plan team dinners, outstation trips, etc., to unwind after an exhaus- tive tax season. This helps team members recharge their batter- ies, feel motivated and refreshed, and prevents burnout.” Bringing the interview to a close, there are many challenges within the industry currently. As a qualified tax professional, you need to be updated with the latest reforms and regulations. It requires a keen mind to navigate the myriad complex statutes and interpret them correctly. For MyTaxFiler, Sudhir reflects on one of the challenges which the firm are currently facing. “One of our most difficult chal- lenges which we face is meeting tight deadlines without burning ourselves out. Our CPAs have to be on call 24x7, as a result, our phones are constantly buzzing. We must stay on top of all our clients’ requests, which means that the scene is quite hectic and back-breaking. It is important to find the right work-life balance to give our best at our workplace, without sacrificing our personal lives.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the growth of an enterprise is never a one-time event. Sudhir signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at MyTaxFiler. “Moving forward, the team here at MyTaxFiler will focus on the following: a) Operational Improvements: As rapid advancement and innova- tions in technology continues to define this era, businesses too need to adopt the latest trends in order to progress and evolve. As such, you cannot afford to play catch-up. Thus, we continue to strengthen our digital engage- ment through the adoption of the latest technology. “We place a very high focus on operational efficiency and being up-to-date with all the latest regulatory changes; which is why advanced training sessions have already been implemented. “Franchisee Support: To provide comprehensive, reliable back- end support to our franchisees and to help them improve their revenues, we have: • Provided access to CPAs and EAs in all local offices • Encouraged Participation in Supriya Pai, EA: C-Founder & Director of HR & Finance local events, conventions, and seminars • Allocated joint and shared advertising budgets for increased branding and to create a stronger sales pipeline • Integrated tax preparation with value added services such as financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and insurance planning “Ultimately, we are committed to making our franchisees success- ful and plan to leave no stone unturned in that process.” Headquarters: 4512 Legacy Drive # 100, Plano, TX 75024 Telephone: (888)-482-0279 Web: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: company/mytaxfiler Instagram: mytaxfilerofficial