Issue 3 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 29 , Jan19494 Ramni Taneja prac- tises as an Advocate in the Supreme Court of India, as well as in the Delhi High Court and all other courts and tribunals in Delhi and in India. Advising clients on trans- actional issues, Ramni is also a litigator and also a transactional lawyer. Many of the clients which Ramni works alongside include multina- tional companies, Indian com- panies, both public and private companies, statutory corpora- tions, individual clients and also those who need assistance pro bono. Ramni Taneja is strictly prohibited under Indian law to ‘approach’ clients. This is due to the standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette issued by the Bar Council of India con- cerning Indian Advocates which are strictly enforced. During her time practising law, Ramni has had to overcome many challenges. One which remains a prominent challenge is her commitment to the legal profession, as well as her dedi- cation to the work that she does for her clients. Abiding by the rule of law, preserving the dig- nity of the legal profession and observing the highest standards of professional ethics remain for one of the primary pillars of the legal profession today for Ramni. A Commitment to the Rule of Law Ramni Taneja is an Indian Advocate and a sole practitioner who has been practising law since 1980. Following her recent success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where she was righteously selected as the Most Influential Woman in Corporate and Commercial Law 2019 – India, we profiled Ramni to discover more about the exceptional services she delivers to clients. Ramni believes that humility and ethics are the hallmarks of a good lawyer. As such, she hopes to have been able to defend clients effectively while upholding the dignity of the legal profession. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Ramni will remain commit- ted to the rule of law, upholding the dignity of the legal profession in India. Lastly, Ramni hopes to increase her already impres- sive portfolio and build on her achievements, which includes being selected in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where she was awarded the accolade Most Influ- ential Woman in Corporate and Commercial Law 2019 – India. Contact: Ramni Taneja, Advocate & Notary Email: [email protected] Address: A 34 Defence Colony New Delhi 110024 India, Enrolment No: D 336A/1980 Telephone: +91 11 41552051; 41552052 Fax: +91 11 4155 2053 Web Address: