Issue 3 2019

30 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 , Jan19491 Since its establishment in 1998, UFINET has provided data connectivity to their clients through fiber optic, with an extensive network coverage of more than 55,000km of fully- owned fibre optic in 17 countries. The firm has an extensive capillarity in major cities in the countries where they operate within. UFINET has over 27,000 on-net buildings, more than 54,000 near-net buildings, more than 3,700 towers and more than 1,800 towns and cities connected. All of these are linked with optical fiber end-to- end, allowing the team to offer their customers a unique and competitive advantage. UFINET’s main goal in the GTM strategy has always been to serve their solutions in the Wholesale market as a neutral operator. This means that the firm does not reach the end customer. Working behind the scenes to deliver these solutions is the dedicated team which is the backbone of the firm. The team has always focused on providing services and solutions to Operators, System Integrators and ISPs. Ultimately, none of the above replaces the firm’s most important market strategy of all: Be close to the client. Be there, listen to their needs, give them that quality time they need to grow their business. Since their inception, the team at UFINET has provided some of their major customers with Stay Connected UFINET is a Latin American carrier of carriers providing high-quality solutions in the wholesale telecom market. Following their success in CV’s Corporate Excellence 2018, we profiled the firm to discover more about the innovative solutions that they provide to their clients, surpassing all expectations. solution and assessment on how they can get the most out of working with the company as a partner. The firm’s experience has placed them in a successful position in the market, managing wide projects involving their human resource in all levels of the organization surpassing their customers’ expectations. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at UFINET aims to continue to deliver their exceptional services to clients, ensuring that the outcome meets their requirements. In addition, the firm hopes to build upon the remarkable success which they have accumulated over the years, which includes being selected in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the title Multinational Telecommunications Company of the Year – 2018. Other titles the firm have received include: Best Wholesale Service Provider of the Year CALA, 2017 and Best Service Provider of the Year CALA, 2018 - MEF Award, Best LATAM Regional Operator of the Year, 2018 - Carrier Community Global Award and finally, Best Practices Award: Latin American Fiber Optic Wholesale Network Services Company of the Year 2018 - Frost & Sullivan. Lastly, UFINET will continue to boost the offer of telecommunications services and create neutral environments that translate into better and more affordable services for the general population. Contact: Andrea Saravia Sauter Company: UFINET Address: C/ Conde de Aranda 5, 4D Email: [email protected] Website: