Issue 3 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 39 this may influence the number of European applicants we are receive for vacancies and we anticipate this will continue until Brexit has been finalised. “ To address the challenges of talent availability and business uncertainty we will continue to Bluestream Recruitment: Honest, Transparent and Respectful work closely with our clients and assist them in reviewing and revising their job vacancies, benefits, and salaries to make themselves more attractive to overseas applicants. ” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Bluestream Recruitment hope to continue to provide their exceptional level of service to their clients, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s Recruitment Elite 2019. Belinda signs off by envisioning some of the exciting plans which lie ahead for the award-winning firm. Company: Bluestream Recruitment Web Address: Address: Atlas Centre, Fermi Avenue, Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QS Telephone: 01235 567350 “ Ultimately, to meet the rising demand for our recruitment services, brought on by the growth of the EnergyTec and Space Clusters in the last year, Bluestream Recruitment is also looking to expand in 2019. ”