Issue 3 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 41 , Dec18213 For the last eight- een years, ACT ICT Ghana has offered sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the ongoing support of the area’s mining operations, alongside best in class turnkey telecommunication services. At the core of the company’s oper- ations is a need to be innovative – whether that be in their services and products, client-centricity, or ongoing support, as Roy explains further. “Our commitment to our custom- er’s needs and understanding of their operational challenges allows us to support them from the initial stage to a completed commissioned project. Based on our relations with the different vendors, we seek out and get the best possible solution, enabling the smooth implementation of our services.” Ultimately, ACT aim to go above and beyond what is required of them. Here, Roy takes a moment to discuss the company’s ethos. “Our team is made up of experi- enced technical personnel with one core goal – to create ‘happy customers’. We aim to exceed ex- pectations and continue support- ing them throughout the project life. To help achieve this, we have Best in Class Telecommunication Solutions for West Ghanaian Enterprises ACT ICT Ghana is a multi-national company that offers Telecommunication services and mining solutions across West Africa. Recently, we spoke with ACT ICT Ghana’s CEO, Roy Chay, to find out more about the firm’s work and operations. team located close to customer sites, allowing a quick response to any challenges that arise.” As a result of this approach and their undisputed expertise in the sector, they count Newmont, Golden Star, Asnako and Gold Fields among their many clients. “Our clients are mainly Enterprise entities and Government institu- tions who appreciate our technical capabilities and ability to provide ‘value for money’ solutions.” The conversation soon turns to ACT ICT’s services and spe- cialisms. Chief among them is the mining-specific telecommu- nication technologies, as Roy details. “The crux of our services reside in mining telecommuni- cation solutions. As a Motorola Platinum Partner and Mine Site Technology (MST) distributor we provide state of the art surface and underground communication solutions. From MotoTrbo digital networks to TETRA, open pit coverage repeaters mounted on solar trailers to Fiber and ‘leaky feeder’ systems underground. Moreover, as a Cisco Select part- ner as well as a Micromine and Oracle Gold partner we provide optimised ‘best of breed’ solutions to support Geology, exploration and mine operations.” By all considerations, 2019 looks to be an exciting year for ACT ICT Ghana as they look to expand their presence in the mining sec- tor, capitalising on their enviable reputation in this important area of West African business. “Our 2019 objective is to increase our foot print in the mining sector allowing us to support more solutions and bring technology into every aspect of the mining industry. More than anything, we aim to be a widely appreciated and recog- nised brand across Africa.” In his closing comments, Roy dis- cusses the potential challenges in the industry and how ACT ICT plans to overcome them. “One of the main industry challenges is combating time and geographical differences between vendors from the US and Australia, for example, to west Africa. By growing local capacities and harnessing trained personnel we can provide better support to our customers, resolv- ing more of their challenges fast and, usually, in a more cost-effec- tive manner.” Company: ACT ICT Ghana Ltd Contact: Roy Chay Address: F28/8 Fifth Circular Rd, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana Website: Telephone: +233-57-7700 555