Issue 3 2019

8 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 , Jan19013 Founded by Lynne Morison, Silver Sensations offers beautifully designed handmade jewellery, crafted using genuine semi-pre- cious gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski Pearls & Crys- tals & Sterling Silver – high-quality materials for stunning pieces. Over the last year, Lynne has in- troduced a friendship bracelet and anklet range into her collection, us- ing tiny Miyuki Delica seed beads. Going into further detail, Lynne begins by telling us more about the overall mission she has created for her small business and the steps taken to ensure that the clients receive a positive experience. “My mission is quite simple, it is to continue to use only the highest quality materials from Sterling Silver right through to the tiniest seed beads, to ensure that every customer receives the high quality piece of jewellery they have a right to expect. It’s extremely important to me that my customers are 100% happy with their purchases.” “When taking a call or replying to an email from a customer, it is important that I listen and make notes of what they are asking for, repeating it back to them ensuring that I have understood their request. Then based on their infor- mation, I will either direct them to specific items on my website and discuss these in detail or follow the commissioned items route.” Speaking of the commissioned items route, Lynne works very closely with her clients who have commissioned items. During the process, Lynne will send the client Crafted with Care Silver Sensations create handmade jewellery using genuine semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski Pearls & Crystals & Sterling Silver. Following her success in the Small Business Awards 2018, we caught up with Lynne Morison who provided us with a glimpse into how she designs and creates such stunning pieces of jewellery. photographs of various designs which are based upon their initial request at each stage of the de- sign process. Most importantly, an- ything can be changed until Lynne has achieved the piece of jewellery which turns her client’s dreams into physical pieces. When dis- cussing the clients that she works with, Lynne is keen to highlight how each individual receives the same level of care and attention, regardless of the price tag. “Whether a client spends £5 or £500, both themselves and their items receive the same care and attention to detail, as well as the same high level of service from me at all costs. Moving forward, I will also continue to price my jewellery competitively and offer a bespoke design service for all categories of my jewellery.” Working within a competitive industry can be challenging for some businesses however, for Silver Sensations, Lynne has found a way for her brand to stand out amongst similar companies, by creating unique and limited edition pieces of jewellery which have been carefully designed by her. “I use shaped semi-precious gemstones in my jewellery which are not easily found. Some of the pieces I brought a few years ago and from researching on the internet, I am unable to find any. As a result, these will help to make my jewellery that little bit different from others. “An important aspect of my busi- ness is that I will not compromise on the quality of materials that I buy. I only buy my guaranteed genuine .925 Sterling Silver from reputable UK Silversmiths. The semi-precious gemstones that I purchase are from only two companies here in the UK, and the Swarovski Elements which I use are from Swarovski author- ised retailers, where I also ensure that they have a certificate from Swarovski themselves confirming this. Looking ahead to what the future holds, Lynne reveals her ambitions for the business in the years to come, especially following her recent success in Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2018 where she was righteous- ly awarded the accolade Best Fashion Jewellery Designer 2018 - West Midlands. “Despite personal challenges, I want to continue with my business and to do what I enjoy. I’m looking forward to creating many new designs with some semi-precious gemstones which I haven’t yet got around to using. I’m already working on some new design ideas which include some of these gemstones. “In addition to this, I would also like to grow my Bridal Jewellery designs. Whilst all my jewellery is special to me, I think knowing that a Bride, and/or the ladies in her Bridal Party, are wearing my de- signs on one of the most wonderful days of her life, it certainly makes it extra special for me. Finally, I would like to thank Corporate Vision for putting me forward for this award. Also, many thanks to Anna, the founder of the Profes- sional Crafters Guild (of which I am a member), for the invaluable help and support both herself and other members have provided me with over the years.” Contact: Lynne Morison Telephone: 01213603470 Website: