Issue 3 2021

Pioneering Fully Integrated User Engagement Solutions After over a decade of operation, Comm100 has cemented itself as a leading voice in providing the technology businesses need to connect with their customers anytime, anywhere. A global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement solutions, Comm100 equips customers with the tools and support needed to deliver fast and effective service and inspire greater customer loyalty as a result. The platform uses AI and a friendly, intuitive user interface for both visitors and agents. It connects every key digital channel together to deliver an all-in-one answer to increasing customer engagement, growing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction. The Comm100 platform allows brands to offer a range of digital customer service channels, whether that be via an automation-assisted agent, an AIpowered chatbot, self-service interactions, or a blend of all three. Using powerful natural language processing and integrations with other core business systems, Comm100’s chatbots provide genuine, personalized communications that leave the customer—and the agent—happy with the interaction. At present, Comm100 is trusted by organizations such as IBM, Rackspace, Stanford University, and HomeTrust Bank to enable meaningful, real-time conversations. Since its founding in 2009, Comm100’s focus has been on helping brands improve the customer experience. Regardless of what size a company is or how established it is within its industry, Comm100 seeks to help its customers provide the best service and support they can by enabling smooth and seamless communication between its agents and their end users. The platform’s compatibility with a wide range of clients and target markets has made it one of the most popular solutions on the market. Being positioned in the SaaS space requires Comm100 to meet the challenges of a competitive and dynamic market. It sets itself apart by providing businesses with the support that they need to effectively leverage its platform—it provides programming and education training for its clients, empowering them to become proficient and confident in its use. Its feature-packed freemium plan is a comprehensive and accessible solution, easily upgradable for more sophisticated businesses. Furthermore, Comm100 is dedicated to tight cybersecurity Jan21087 Issue 3 2021 11 and compliance. To protect its clients’ data, it is SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant. Comm100 found that the pandemic has definitely increased the number of organizations calling upon its services. With so many having to pivot to fully remote work, many sectors were forced to find solutions that allowed them to engage with their customers from afar. As part of its 2021 Live Chat Benchmark Report, Comm100 discovered that the duration of chats on its platform have gone up during the pandemic while wait times have gone down, implying that this technology is helping businesses more efficiently handle customer inquiries and giving agents the bandwidth to spend more time with customers who really need the additional support. As customers continue to set high expectations for service, Comm100’s technology can help businesses scale to meet those expectations efficiently and compassionately. Comm100 continues to enhance its platform to be the best solution on the market for both enterprise and small business. In 2021, the brand is prioritizing honing its user interface to be more versatile and intuitive, as well as including more powerful mobile capabilities and extending the range of channels that it can support. In tandem with this, it will be developing smart integrations with other core business systems, continuing its mission of making Comm100 easy to use, dependable, and secure. Contact: Jeff Epstein Website: Comm100 continues to enhance its platform to be the best solution on the market for both enterprise and small business.