Issue 3 2021

Clearing the Way When organisations want to make headway through a political system, they can easily find themselves quagmired in a host of unique challenges. We take a closer look at the team from Vulcan Consulting, experts in the art of navigating political and regulatory hurdles across Europe. Their success saw them named Best Strategic Regulatory Affairs Advisory Firm 2021 – Ireland in 2021’s Corporate Excellence Awards, so we thought we’d take a closer look to find out more. In 2016, Lucinda Creighton was in a unique position. She had spent 12 years at the heart of Irish government, many of them working across the world as Minister for European Affairs, but times were changing, and so was she. Determined to find a way to put her unique perspective on politics to good use, she founded Vulcan Consulting, assisting clients to move smoothly and swiftly through the regulatory processes that government creates. The firm has quickly grown into an enormous success, trusted by multinationals based in the US, Ireland, the UK and Brussels as well as small and medium size enterprises in Ireland and in Brussels to deliver world beating advice. These clients work across numerous sectors, including sustainability and the environment, technology, financial services, healthcare, agrifood and transport. By acting as thought partners for clients, the team are able to provide advice that truly meets their unique requirements. Vulcan Consulting has offices in Dublin and Brussels, allowing it to offer a pan-European approach with their clients. The team can draw on the knowledge of many skilled strategic partners throughout every single EU/EEA Member State through the firm’s membership of the Fipra network. This means that the team can access reliable intelligence and useful insight on any challenges that may arise, as well as anticipate ways of dealing with them. The team also leverage cross-party and non-party contacts. Finding ways of moving the dial on policy and regulation is also very key to the success of the firm. With this level of expertise running the firm, it’s little surprise the team are made up of former Government Ministers, EU officials, policy makers, industry leaders, communications professionals and experienced political and regulatory affairs consultants. Driving the business forward are people who share a passion for client service and public policy. It’s an area that is changing by the day, and as such the ability to react quickly under pressure is key. The result is a dynamic workforce that can answer any call made by the client. The team works collaboratively to bring about the best possible results, which has been very useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vulcan Consulting quickly moved to remote working, and even this difficult time has seen the team develop and grow in knowledge and skillset. These challenging times have also seen the company innovating when it comes to maintaining their strong network with decision makers. This is a major concern for businesses too. A clear example of how this works in practice can be seen with the Jan21499 webinars the team has run, focusing on Biden’s agenda and the future of the EU-US trade relationship. This was put together with Washington D.C.-based partners VH Strategies. By taking the time to consider what was on offer, the team have managed to broaden their reach to new transatlantic clients. This commitment to growth is sure to be key to the firm’s continued success. While the pandemic has affected many firms, forcing the team to react and adapt to their client’s individual economic crises, it has also ensured that they are keeping busy by working to match new agendas from the EU and beyond. The upcoming legislative agenda, related to the Green Deal and Digital Services, has given the team the capacity to hire in both the Dublin and Brussels office. As the business expands in a rapidly changing market, it’s clear that Vulcan Consulting will be a name to watch for some time to come. Company: Vulcan Consulting Contact: Lucinda Creighton CEO Contact: Marykate Collins Head of Brussels Office Email: [email protected] Phone: + 353 1 5414777 Website: Driving the business forward are people who share a passion for client service and public policy. It’s an area that is changing by the day, and as such the ability to react quickly under pressure is key.