Issue 3 2021

Best Online Smartphone Accessories Retailer - UK Mobile Lyme is an ambitious UK based provider of phones and phone accessories that prioritises market research and diligence. Having cornered the market in the UK, it considers where its next expansions might lead. Established in 2015, Mobile Lyme was born from the idea of studying the small details of the market to unite a larger industry. In this way, it has carved out a niche for itself that generates large financial potential across the board, and currently provides a secure website through which to purchase mobile phones and accessories. During its inception, its Director, Melford Ryan, developed it with the ideas of market demand and specific customer need in mind. This core value drove the development of Mobile Lyme’s business model, involving the in-depth competitive analysis of market trends and figures to find the exact services and products the market needs more of. Mobile Lyme seeks to be an active participant in the building of its industry and sells many various products through its online platform. Notably, it offers smart phones such as: Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Microsoft, Sony, Blackberry, and Apple. It also sells accessories such as headsets, cases, car chargers, batteries, headsets, screen protectors, and handsfree kits, as well as genuine leather, silicone and glass cases. Based in Birmingham, it has effectively cornered a part of the market there as well as up and down the UK. Through employing the use of careful planning, dedication to success, and diligent attention to changes in its industry, Mobile Lyme invested significant effort in pre-planned marketing and sales tactics. With these, it aims to achieve its goals to succeed in a competitive yet thriving market. It saw the fruits of its labour when it became clear that the products and accessories Mobile Lyme offer are in high demand. Through populating its stock with such products, it ensured a healthy revenue stream and an effective path to further growth. ‘The sky is the real limit,’ Melford Ryan told us, as it has accurately pinpointed how to serve its customer base with good quality products in a growing market, the fact that 90% of people in the UK now use mobile devices lending credence as to how. Alongside its dedication to market research, Mobile Lyme strives to uphold the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. When working with its customers, partners, suppliers, and community, it uses its skills and expertise to create a tailor-made solution to what the client’s needs are. To accomplish this, it prioritises staying ahead of the technological curve and expanding into specialty markets by sticking to its strengths: business management, accounting, finance, and knowledge of computer training. It relies on not just its advertising to promote itself, but also on word of mouth and relationship building. By working on maintaining steadfast connections with its clients, it ensures that its reputation is exponentially becoming more known in its industry, and thus bolsters the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. It is also is aware of the importance of promotional tools such as search engine Ad Words. In this way, it achieves a relationship-oriented business with a competitive edge and core focus of corporate social responsibility. It also focuses on building a healthy environment internally, as well as in the market at large. Through honesty, quality, trust, transparency, passion, and customer care within its ranks, it can thus provide fast delivery, 24-hour support and efficient data protection to its clients. During the pandemic, Mobily Lyme found challenge in adapting to the changes in delivery up and down the UK. However, due to the exponential growth in the online marketplace with more industries pivoting to a remote and online experience than ever before, the target market for Mobile Lyme has only grown. In the future it intends to keep building its online presence, not only in the UK but overseas. In going global, Mobile Lyme will be able to serve a much wider customer base, whilst still establishing and maintaining efficient and fair business practices that benefit both it and its clientele. Throughout all of this, Mobile Lyme will continue to consider its customer’s safety and security first and foremost, ensuring every end user is given the best experience possible. Contact: Melford Ryan Website: Jan21029