Issue 3 2021

The most obvious sign of change was the introduction of the Roving Rapid Return, a handheld computer terminal allowing customers to bypass the Avis counter. It is technological developments like these which have gone a long way to make the firm a success. Other innovations championed by the Avis team include Avis Interactive, the first Internet-based reporting system for commercial accounts in the car rental industry. By constantly looking for the next big leap that could move the company forward, the team have been able to achieve new and exciting levels of success. The base in Iraq has been particularly commended for its success, with an approach that embraces the best of the attitudes that the team has built up over the years. While in a totally different setting to its American origins, the desire to try harder for customers, to provide a leading service and to ensure that the hiring of a car is as easy as possible is universal. It’s a clear sign of why the firm has been such a triumph for 75 years. The technological leaps that have kept the team at Avis ahead of the game have been a key part of how they have achieved success around the world. Through the application of high standards in every sector, the team have been able to secure success. A strong reputation is hard to earn, but once gained can easily be applied around the world. This is why people use the team’s services, and why they will continue to use them for years to come. Company: Avis Iraq Contact: Samer Jajou Email: [email protected] Car Rental Firm Leads The Way When visiting, sometimes public transport just doesn’t cut it. Being able to hire a car is a matter of convenience, opening the doors to a whole new world. While available worldwide, Avis Iraq has achieved something truly special. Named Best Car Rental Company – Iraq in the Global Automotive Awards 2020, we thought we’d take a look at how it has achieved such success. The name Avis Car Rental is synonymous in over 165 countries for its quality of vehicle, its high standards of customer service and its incredible record of success. What unites each branch around the world is a commitment to the delivery of all of these qualities to their various stakeholders. With such a strong range of different options available, it’s telling that the team at Avis set the standard for the industry at large. Their efforts have ensured that customers keep coming back time and time again because of the quality of their services. It is one of the world’s top brands when looking at customer loyalty. Achieving this is a credit to the team’s hard work that started back in 1946. Warren Avis, the founder of the firm, was the first to run a company that rented cars directly from an airport location. By offering visitors to different places this level of freedom and accessibility, he was able to transform the industry at large. The company’s success grew thanks to impressive franchising and corporate expansion, with an approach that has always pushed to offer better support to clients around the world. The rallying cry of We try harder® remains at the heart of the firm to this day. It guides so much of the way in which the team operate and how they interact with customers. By trying harder, the business has changed a lot since 1946. In 1987, after a long period of changing hands, it became employee-owned. 1987 saw a massive change in the operation of the business, carefully designed to support the customer. Oct20773