Issue 3 2021

Cloud Cover Companies have become reliant on new levels of flexibility, but maintaining that flexibility is often beyond their limits. With businesses focusing on what they do best, it’s down to teams like those at eStruxture Data Centers to deliver the goods. With an emphasis on providing reliable and flexible colocation services, they have achieved the remarkable throughout challenging times, and have subsequently won the title of Most Outstanding Data Center Services Provider 2021 - Canada. We dig a little deeper into the firm’s incredible achievements. Canada is home to many technological innovations, and one of its most renowned is eStruxture. With data centers that spread the length and breadth of the country, the team have been able to achieve truly remarkable results on behalf of their customers, and it’s a level of success that doesn’t look likely to peak any time soon. The company provides modern-day data center infrastructure for companies who require reliable and flexible colocation services across a broad spectrum of customers including network and cloud providers, XaaS, Fintech, Machine Learning, VFX and rendering, or other industries. If your business is dependent on IT services running smoothly, the team at eStruxture are your natural partners. However, there is even more exciting news for the firm beyond that which it has already achieved through Corporate Vision magazine. As of March 30th, 2021, eStruxture has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all eight Canadian data centers from Aptum Technologies, a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider. Alongside this acquisition, the firm also takes control of all of Aptum’s customers and employees that are associated with its colocation business. The addition of these strategic locations complements eStruxture’s existing portfolio of six data centers currently located in the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal, further strengthening the company’s pan-Canadian platform and adding key industry verticals to its portfolio. eStruxture will now be able to provide one of the largest amounts of immediately sellable capacity in Canada for companies looking to speed up their time to market. On top of this, the customers working with eStruxture will benefit from having access to two of Canada’s largest carrier hotels located at 151 Front Street West in Toronto and 555 Hastings in Vancouver. This will add over two hundred new network providers to eStruxture’s ecosystem including access to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) and the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX). With the addition of these new facilities (five in Toronto, two in Montreal, and one in Vancouver), eStruxture will be fully in control of more than fourteen facilities across the entirety of Canada. As such, this increase in the number of data centers also means that eStruxture has expanded its total footprint to more than 600,000 square feet of combined data center space and a total IT capacity of a massive 100 megawatts. In acquiring this new wealth of data centers and technological capability, eStruxture is offering its customers both central and edge locations that are scalable, sustainably designed, and highly connected. The firm’s ability to provide the capacity, performance, and flexibility to run modern, demanding enterprise applications, as well as scale rapidly in response to unpredictable changes in business processes, is nothing short of outstanding. In short, eStruxture is a partner who can meet even the most challenging of demands. This capacity comes from the decision to play the customer at the heart of every decision made. Staff working at eStruxture have taken the time to research the Canadian data center market deeply, and as a firm that is rooted in the traditions of Canadian business understand exactly what is expected of them from customers. Having gained the support of prominent financial institutions, eStruxture is able to deploy large-scale projects with the smallest delays. When a customer needs to expand, eStruxture is able to expand with them. Having built a strong reputation within the industry at large, it’s little wonder that eStruxture has gained loyal customers, including carriers, cloud providers, media content, financial services, and enterprise customers across Canada. The team’s highly scalable solutions offer impressive high-density power of 30kW per cabinet and more standard, for the most intense computing workloads. Something that sets the team apart from the competition, however, is their desire to power data centers in as sustainable a manner as possible. Achieving this while also maintaining a high level of performance, scalability, and uptime has been a difficult challenge, but one which has brought about numerous rewards for the team. By taking advantage of the Canadian climate, the team have been able to reduce energy usage as well as minimize water consumption, noise levels, vibrations, and the environmental impact of refrigerant and other potentially harmful chemicals. Feb21500 eStruxture will now be able to provide one of the largest amounts of immediately sellable capacity in Canada for companies looking to speed up their time to market.