Corporate Vision Issue 4

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 11 train the appropriate personnel on how to “move the needle” and execute our plan. This emphasis on providing the steps and training necessary to successfully implement change is what distinguishes us from other consulting firms.” “We have learned that other firms will tell you what to do, but they will not stay with you and show you exactly how to sell more of your product. From what our clients tell us, we are the only sales/marketing company that will partner with you through training, implementation and execution to ensure that sales increase.” Jerry credits the executives, consultants and support staff at Delta Point with the reason why he is so confident in his firm’s ability to provide excellent services and products. The people who work at Delta Point share a love of lifelong learning and striving for excellence. “Our consultants who work directly with the customers know more about Life Sciences selling and marketing than almost anyone you could meet. They have risen through the ranks and built on the knowledge and know- how gleaned from their roles in different organizations, providing a breadth of perspectives. 90% of our consultants have been sales representatives, first line sales managers, and worked in headquarters in training, marketing and the executive office, including VP of Sales. With a team like that you should expect great results. Three of the top ten Pharma companies in the world have hired us to work on 45 different products between them. They keep hiring us because we deliver great results.” “One of the differentiators that makes Delta Point successful is that we train sales managers how to teach and coach selling in the field in real time. In most companies, a top ranked sales person is promoted to the role of sales manager. But being successful in sales requires a different skill set and From Humble Beginnings to International Recognition g Company: Delta Point Contact: Jerry Acuff Address: 12196 East Sand Hills Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85255, USA Phone: 001 480-296-9972 Website: perspective than being a great sales manager. Once sales people become managers, they are rarely taught anything about selling or how to coach selling. To fill this unmet need, Delta Point has developed a 2 1/2 day workshop that can be supplemented by virtual training to transform sales managers into excellent sales coaches.” “Another area that we focus on is building business relationships— because business success is often based on relationships. We provide training on how to build valuable business relationships, using our proprietary 3-step process that teaches how to build connections with practically anyone—especially those you don’t naturally connect with.” Endeavouring to establish Delta Point as the market leader in this industry is a major aim of Jerry’s. He explains the techniques and methods they use to stay ahead of emerging developments which are arising throughout the industry. “In order to stay cutting edge, we conduct periodic surveys to learn about the unmet needs of our customers. In addition, we have our own panel of healthcare executives we engage for their insights and expertise. Perhaps more importantly, we collectively conduct over 100 field rides a year and talk to approximately 1,000 people in all segments of healthcare. This breadth of knowledge keeps us quite well informed.” “Essentially, our quest for excellence combined with our focus on learning and evolving led to the development of several important offerings. Recognizing that individuals don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning and that attention spans continue to get shorter, we developed JerryAcuffVT , a virtual training platform. 95% of the lessons are five minutes or less. The four topics target the skills and knowledge necessary for success: Goal Setting; Building Valuable Business Relationships; Selling Excellence without being Pushy and Aggressive; and Coaching Selling in the Field in Real Time . Essentially, we endeavoured to capture the key concepts about these four subjects while focusing on the practical, providing ideas and applications using real-world situations.” “Another offering we are excited about is called Coaching Catalyst . When survey data revealed that sales representatives do not go to their managers for selling advice, we looked to fill that need. We created a process to teach sales managers how to develop their coaching and selling skills so they are proficient to coach selling when they are in the field, in real time. Other programs we recently developed help organizations evaluate their sales force’s selling expertise and how to optimize co-pays, which tend to be poorly communicated to customers yet represent a large expense.” Looking ahead, this is clearly an exciting time for Jerry and the team at Delta Point. There are developments and changes arising everyday within the industry, and Jerry is keen to keep his team focused in cutting edge learning and technologies. He feels quite strongly that they are poised to help other companies who are ready to learn and benefit from the expertise that has made Delta Point clients so successful. “Lastly, we are really working on increasing awareness of Delta Point, Inc. within our industry, especially with those organizations we have not had the privilege to partner with. Although 90% of our business comes from repeat customers, there are many Life Sciences organizations who might benefit from our expertise in those situations when they can’t afford to fail such as launching products or selling products in highly competitive arenas where improving execution really matters.” “Ultimately, it seems clear that our industry will continue to undergo major changes. We expect more consolidation and a far greater focus on targeted diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and rare diseases. These changes will still demand execution excellence to succeed—and we are well positioned to help organizations meet their goals.”