Corporate Vision Issue 4

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 15 Bridging Talent and Opportunity g “Paradigm Staffing is here to help our client companies build those cohesive teams that help lead to a positive work environment, thereby contributing to overall success. We help the individual communications professional find that position that fills their needs and feels like home. We have seen how the right match can help everything Contact: Jolie Downs Address: Santa Cruz, CA, USA Phone: 001 925 754 4159 Website: fall into place on both the personal and professional side, leading to accomplishment and advancement. This is our goal with every client and candidate we work with. “Essentially, we believe that you spend way too much time at work not to be happy. We believe that the work environment should be a positive place to be. Also, we believe it’s the people that make a company successful.” Ultimately, Jolie and the team at Paradigm Staffing are well aware of what is required to be successful in the recruitment industry. Placing the client first, the team look to be flexible and adapt to the many different requirements of various candidates and clients, all of which helps them to attract the best business. “Finding the right fit for your organization can be a challenge. Often the best employees are found working with your competitors. Paradigm Staffing recruits the strongest talent to make your hiring decisions quick, easy and successful.”