Corporate Vision Issue 4

18 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 , ELDA Ltd is a company that has been successfully operating formore than 30 years. Dario Marenic explains what attributes the firmpossesses which contribute to its ongoing success. ALeading Manufacturer of e-liquids for Electronic Cigarettes inEurope. Since 2008, ELDA has been active in selling electronic cigarettes and manufacturing e-liquids. The company has been developing rapidly, keeping pace with the fast rise of the e-cigarette industry, and has grown in a short amount of time from a small family company into one of the leaders in the world market. Typically, the firm works with wholesalers and retailers, and they enjoy working with the team at ELDA, as they assured that they will receive liquids according to their recipes, brand names and design of packaging. Also, ELDA can ensure its clients complete laboratory analyses for e-liquids and electronic cigarettes. When undertaking a new project, the ELDA team takes certain steps in order to ensure its clients receive the best possible outcome. Dario talks us through his selection process and comments that each individual process is unique. “Describing what steps we take when approaching a new client, I will introduce you into the selection process of our e-liquids. Market demands become so much complex and sometimes we need to make more than 50 formulas to hit just the right one. Our team of experts every day needs to do extensive testing. After the establishment of the new recipes, our chemical engineers need to make the samples that sometimes must ripe for 30 days. After the ripening process, these samples are carried out to the multiple testing and only the best of them will be chosen.” Operating with a clear vision in mind, Dario outlines what steps the team takes to ensure it will achieve its overall mission. He emphasises that in order for the product to be released, it has to be considered to be the best product available at the time, and they are the standards that the team sets itself. “The mission of our company is always the same, as we want to produce the best product on the whole market, alongside offering only the highest quality products and services. In order to achieve this, detailed procedures are undertaken in all other areas of our business. Nothing goes out from 1804CV14 the company until it is completely planned and researched.” A crucial aspect in differentiating the firm apart from its competitors is Dario and the team’s willingness to adapt, invest and make wise choices. He explains how being brave and choosing the right technology is a significant part of the firm’s success. “Essentially, I think that the main thing which differentiates us from others is that we are always ready to invest in new models of doing the business, like new technology. Most of other companies maybe do not have enough time, money or willing for making the market researches and to investing in new models of business. However, for us, it is of the crucial importance because we know that each good investment will return at least double to us.” Working within the competitive manufacturing industry, ELDA is importantly able to employ certain techniques which enable it to be successful. Dario comments on the fact that the innovative methods which the team come up with, are major contributors to the success of the company. “At this moment, the market competition is very strong but the key to success is innovation. Business partners and customers are always searching for better and more quality products, as well as excellent customer service, and ultimately clients will choose the company which can offer it all. Our strategy is to always offer innovative products of the highest quality, and I always try to do my best and be at least one step ahead of others. I am always thinking about the next big thing and where we can improve.” With this in mind, Dario explains the firm’s approach to hiring staff, and explains how the company attracts the very best talent to work for them. Dario states that the team has motivated, dedicated and ambitious individuals, all of whom have interviewed well, and ELDA was incredibly lucky to find them straight away. “Until now, we were very lucky on the interviews for the jobs because we could choose highly motivated and educated individuals who are looking for a new knowledge and continuously improvement. With such kind of people, it is