Corporate Vision Issue 4

38 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 , WebeyeLimited (formerlyVDT) supplieshigh-qualityalarmandmonitoringequipment to companies andclientsoperatingacross the security industry, and itsproducts arebackedby unbeatable technical support.Weprofile thecompanyaswe lookforagreater insight into its success. Unbeatable Technical Support Founded in 2011, Webeye is the inventor of webeyeCMS, which is an award-winning cloud monitoring platform and leading distributor of the wireless Videofied video verification system. The company’s impressive portfolio includes the webeyeSOS personal protection app, along with its assured RAPID residential system, and the innovative webeyeOCULI 3G camera ideal for quick deployment in vulnerable areas. Having built a sterling reputation across the technology industry, Webeye is also highly renowned for delivering exceptional customer service. Boasting a team full of ambition and experience, dedicated staff provide a well-informed technical support line which is open five days a week and is available throughout the evening to clients, as well as being free of charge. A particular highlight that the company is particularly proud of is its patented webeyeCMS alarm platform, which, after several years of extensive development, has the potential to redefine the security industry. This influential product is a versatile cloud-based monitoring solution which enables alarms and video clips to go to key- holders or guarding teams who are physically operating in the field. Additionally, these clips can also to go a central location for monitoring via the web. Crucial to the success of webeyeCMS is its unique escalation process which ensures that the client is informed if an alarm is triggered. It is able to deliver a full alarm handling audit trail, and also provide system maintenance reporting. Excitingly for the company, webeyeCMS is already being used by large guarding companies and monitoring stations across the USA. Also, 1804CV03 there are plenty of people reaping the benefits due to the massive increase in alarm handling capability and improved accountability levels, which are all provided by the company at an affordable price. Moving forward, Webeye is looking to capitalise on its recent product and financial success, and the team has identified visual verification as the future direction of the security industry, which is already leading to a much greater reliance on technology to meet the demand. All the profits generated by Webeye are ploughed back into the research and development to enable the staff to offer the most resilient products and services in the market. Webeye employees operate with the goal of making the life of security professionals easier. Contact: Gary Frith, Business Development Director. Phone: 0115 714 9990 Website: L to R: Trevor Lee, Marketing Manager, Gary Frith, Business Development Director and Clive Mason, Managing Director