Corporate Vision Issue 4

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 43 in the workplace. Equipping managers with the right people skills enables the workforce to thrive, which results in everybody maximising their potential within the technology industry. “Essentially, we think that in order to thrive, employers really need to learn to listen to their people. Their people have so much to give, are keen to commit to their organisation and want to be a part of it, rather than just working for it. Although some organisations seem to be moving away from a flexible working approach, we are big fans of it. If you equip your people managers with the right skills and support them in managing in the right way, flexible working enables your people to give their best, whilst you are showing them that they are trusted to do a great job.” Overall, Gail and Clare know exactly what it takes to help a business reach their desired outcomes. In her concluding comments, Clare is quick to praise the excellent cohesion between both herself and Gail, and believes this is significant to the future of Peopletopia as it moves forwards. “Lastly, myself and Gail met one another forty years ago, on our first day of primary school, and have been close friends ever since. It could have been a risk to set up our business together seven years ago, but we knew that our relationship meant that we wouldn’t get bogged down by politics or egos. Most of all, we have a deep respect and admiration for one another on both a personal and professional level, we learn from one another every day and are really focused on making Peopletopia successful. Contact: Clare Portman Location: Bristol and Newbury Phone: 0845 415 4106 Website: The Employee Engagement and Development Specialists g