Corporate Vision Issue 4

44 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 , GreenMotion is an international car rental company offering customers lowCO 2 or zero emission vehicles. We find out more about the firmwhich features as CV’s Best Environmentally Friendly Car Hire Service. Going Greener with GreenMotion Established in 2007, Green Motion abides by its all-embracing environmental policy, ensuring that the effects on the planet are minimal. Green Motion has gained success by being the only car rental company that is genuinely committed to its environmental ethos; the lowering of CO 2 emissions is not simply a project for Green Motion; it is an intrinsic part of Green Motion’s brand, and it is in the company’s DNA. Green Motion is a true ambassador for the green vehicle movement, promoting best practice and persuading its customers to make major behavioural changes when considering their vehicle rental purchases. The Green Motion model is unique as it does not charge a premium to go green, educating customers that they do not have to compromise on cost or comfort to go green. Growing its reputation, Green Motion have taken the green vehicle hire message overseas with the brand now operating in over 360 locations across 31 countries. Green Motion’s reach is continuing to grow throughout the world and the UK, being considered the true world ambassador for green car rental. Standing out from its competitors, Green Motion is the only legitimate offering in the environmental car rental sector with the lowest CO 2 fleet in each of the 31 countries it operates in. It also has the largest selection of vehicles which are environmentally focused including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, range extender and full electric – accounting for around 35% of its fleet. Green Motion prides itself on providing customers with country specific vehicles that offer the lowest CO 2 emissions and highest levels of fuel efficiency in their classes. The company is proud to have the greenest vehicle rental fleet in the world. As well as possessing the greenest vehicle rental fleet in the world, Green Motion has also expanded its Green Heart Donation program which is a compensation service backed by FONAFIFO (a governmental institution in Costa Rica) throughout its entire global network. This initiative allows Green Motion customers to reduce their CO 2 footprint by offsetting the emissions produced while driving one of its vehicles. The combined efforts of Green Motion and its customers have achieved a position of carbon neutrality which has resulted in the planting of thousands upon thousands of trees along with other ecological initiatives. This has been further accredited by Investors in the Environment who have awarded Green Motion International with their top award of ‘green’ accreditation. Looking to the future, Green Motion’s mission to drive emissions down will continue with a focus on introducing the very latest technologies, such as improved full electric and hydrogen vehicles, ultimately delivering the UK’s first and only zero emission fleet. Furthermore, the team has also continued its commitment to the environment by only employing ecological materials and products such as using reusable energy, recycling and cleaning its vehicles with waterless cleaning or steam. In turn, this allows the company’s locations to save up to 90% of water usage, saving more than 5 million litres per year. Essentially, the growth of Green Motion is truly phenomenal and the team feel it is inspiring to think that consumers are now taking the environment seriously and making a conscientious choice to rent green. Ultimately, Green Motion is now in its 11th year of operation and has achieved extraordinary success in creating a completely new sector within the daily rental industry, with many of the firm’s industry partners and competitors starting to introduce their own greener fleets. Green Motion was the market disrupter that started the total change towards greener vehicle rental. International Car Rental Contact: Kat Elkin Address: Aspen Farm, Sheep Lane, Woburn, Bedfordshire, MK17 9HD, UK Phone: 07545 914 586 Website: 1804CV21