Corporate Vision Issue 4

46 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 , Sandler Systems’ training and coaching provides the tools to create common processes, culture and sales language within its customers’ organisations, by offering programs focused on Prospecting, Social Selling, Enterprise Selling, Customer Service, Sales Management, Selling Into the C-Suite, and Coaching. We profiled the organisation to find out about the services that the company offers. Sandler - How to Succeed Revolutionising the coaching sector, Sandler Systems is different from others thanks to its focus on the whole client through an emphasis on behaviours and attitudes in addition to training techniques. Sandler’s 270 training centres offer programs and reinforcement to its clients, all of which are delivered by full-time certified Sandler trainers in areas all around the world. Plus, Sandler also offers a wide variety of online tools and technology to reinforce the training experience 24/7 and increase its customers’ ROI. Offering a variety of different services, Sandler Online provides on-demand resources for sales teams and business leaders through interactive courses, quizzes and a library of content and multi-media resources. The system currently houses over 16,000 clients, serving 30+ countries in 21 languages. Customers and clients can choose from a variety of learning services; including more than a thousand video and audio resources which covers over 35 sales topics. Furthermore, more than 100 hours of premium videos on sales and sales management topics are recorded at the annual sales and leadership summit by the top Sandler trainers from around the world. Additionally, new Sandler blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and white-papers are added weekly. Enticing all types of clients, Executive leaders and managers get access to a Management Library containing resources specifically focused on topics around coaching, managing, hiring, and more. When undertaking a new project, the team at Sandler undertakes certain methods in order to ensure its clients receive the best possible outcome. The staff and the client must mutually agree upon clearly defined desired outcomes for the project and develop a line of communication with each other so that feedback can be taken on board at all times. Additionally, the team must establish clearly defined benchmarks and timelines and agree upon definitions for accountability. Contributing to the company’s overwhelming success and achievements, all staff at Sandler work together towards achieving and hitting the same targets. Success guides Sandler in everything it does, from developing effective training programs for Fortune 500 companies, to helping individual sales professionals advance their own careers. Success is the company’s mission, its promise and brand, whether its measured in increased revenue, billings growth, expansion or advancement. It is the goal of clients, both in the current and future, global and local on the street and in the boardroom. Success is what the creates when we turn declining market share, customer attrition, high turnover and the lack of a common sales process into increased revenue, higher profits, expansion and advancement. Testament to Sandler’s achievements, success can be documented by thousands of clients who have directly benefitted from Sandler’s training, not just on sales calls and in boardrooms, but at home with family and friends. They can attest that if Sandler’s training is fully implemented, success is the natural outcome. Ultimately, success is a prize that doesn’t have to fade, and Sandler is the only training methodology that utilises ongoing reinforcement to produce lasting, significant improvement. Embedded in the company culture, success is why staff get up in the morning. It is what led David Sandler to start the firm 50 years ago, and what has propelled it to become the largest sales, corporate and management training company in the world today. Boasting a worldwide presence, Sandler is a global organisation with offices in over 30 countries, and therefore the team does not experience a lot of regionalised issues. The industry challenges tend to revolve around