Corporate Vision Issue 4

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 47 Sandler - How to Succeed g technology and how to best leverage it for the best ROI. The team enjoy the challenge as it can be a black hole into which money is poured into, but it is always in a state of flux. It is a constant balancing act for Sandler to keep tools and platforms fresh and relevant, while ensuring the team provides return on the investment of both money and resources to support and maintain them. Piggy- backing on that is demographic diversity of audiences across age groups, industries and geographic/cultural boundaries, which results in divergent ways of consuming information. There is no such thing as one-size-fits- all. Guaranteeing that the organisation is able to stay ahead of developments within the industry, the primary focus of the team is on constantly evaluating the best ways to leverage technology to make training content more accessible, while enhancing and reinforcing facilitated training experiences. Sandler is constantly expanding its weekly Virtual Training Series on Sales, Sales Management, Coaching and Enterprise Selling topics via live streaming sessions with the organisation’s certified trainers. Moving into the digital age, all of the company’s core training program client materials have been converted to digital format and can now be accessed via Sandler Online. Going digital allows us to constantly refine and improve our training assets and supporting materials for its clients. In addition to digitising the workbooks themselves, the organisation is constantly supplementing training content with a robust collection of videos (over 300) podcasts, (over 600) blogs and Tools Worksheets (over 125 tools) supporting each training topic. Recently, Sandler has launched a coaching tool platform called SalesAccountability. It is a web-based activity tracker for monitoring and managing sales behaviours to support achievement of goals. It functions very much like a fitness tracker for sales activity, with gamification and competitions, and is available for individual sales professionals for self- monitoring or working with a Sandler trainer, as well as offering a coaching dashboard for business owners and sales leaders to use in coaching their sales teams. Internally, Sandler is full of dedicate, ambitious and enthusiastic personnel who are all working towards achieving the same mission. The company’s internal culture is a legacy from being founded by a sales person, with boots on the ground in the field. The staff at the company are fast-paced and constantly searching for what’s next on the horizon to expand its training content and delivery. Sandler trainers are first and foremost sales people and sales managers, and people who are taught how to train what is the best training methodologies in the world. Working with staff at Sandler provides a unique, real-world experience that no other training company offers, something which resonates with its clients. It is a requirement that all new Sandler trainers attend an 8-day intensive boot camp style initial training method before they are licensed to sell or deliver its proprietary training methodologies. In addition, the team offers a rigorous 4-level Certification process for both trainers and clients, which incorporates knowledge of the material and processes, as well as demonstrated ability to execute. Ensuring that all staff are in the best possible position to provide a high-quality service, new hires for Sandler attend onboarding sessions, and are encouraged to attend sales and management training offerings in local training centres, as well as investing in other skills and knowledge experiences which are supported by the company. With the sales industry constantly evolving, there are plenty of challenges ahead which the team will have to overcome in order to succeed even more in the company. The ever-widening diversity of demographics in age and culture who have expectations of personalised content delivery and the constant evolution of technology will continue to be challenges in our industry. In terms of technology, staff do not believe in technology for its own sake, instead maintaining that it should always serve the objective of improving effectiveness and/or efficiency. Looking ahead, Sandler looks to have a bright future ahead of it, and the firm has placed a focus on Vertical Market Penetration, as well as an Alumni Initiative to re-engage with the millions of clients that it has trained over its 50 years of existence. Looking to capitalise on the success of training over 31,000 clients on an annual basis, there are no limits to the success that Sandler can achieve. Company: Sandler Systems Inc. Address: 300 Red Brook Blvd. Suite 400, Owings Mills, MD 21117, USA Website: