Corporate Vision Issue 4

48 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 , Ghost Systems, Inc. was organised in January 2014, establishing its worldwide headquarters and NOC/SIC inNevada, USA to support the Financial Services & Banking; Legal; Healthcare/ Pharma; Critical Infrastructure & Energy; Mid-Market Enterprise and The Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Taking time to tell us more about the innovative company is CEO, Don Ritzman who reveals the secrets behind the firm’s success. Creating a Positive Impact Founded in 2014, Ghost Systems, Inc. established its worldwide headquarters and NOC/SIC in Nevada, USA to support the Financial Services & Banking; Legal; Healthcare/ Pharma; Critical Infrastructure & Energy; Mid-Market Enterprise and The Internet of Things (IoT) markets – the most vulnerable markets for cyber-thefts today. Ghosts’ SafePlace Ecosystem™ is designed from the ground up to be resilient and “Secure by Design”. The tightly integrated Ecosystem – secure mesh network coupled with Jibberish™, a secure, flexible and user definable interface, which has been third-party tested and is impenetrable – virtually guarantees network infrastructure and the information that is transported across it is secure. When installed into an organisation, the SafePlace Ecosystem “Ghostifies™” the network and the company that is connected to it, creating a SafePlace™ in which to safely communicate with customers, partners or entire communities of common interest. This dramatically enhances the data availability, confidentiality, and integrity while preventing unauthorised access or theft of digital information – whether in- flight or at-rest. Ghost – in cooperation with a dozen bellwether companies – developed industry-specific workflows. Each workflow is easily added to existing enterprise environments, providing an economical way to ensure all information shared and stored is absolutely secure. There is no other holistic solution available today that employs proprietary technologies to provide such a highly resilient, and secure network & communications ecosystem – Ghost built “The Internet of Trust™.” Beginning the interview, Don starts by explaining the firm’s overall mission, the steps Ghost Systems, Inc. undertake to ensure the clients receive the best possible outcome, and what differentiates the company from competitors. “Here at Ghost Systems, Inc., our mission is to authoritatively develop and maintain a holistic, future-proof cyber security infrastructure – the SafePlace Ecosystem™. The SafePlace Ecosystem™ is built to the very highest modern standards by a team of highly experienced specialists, using the best-in- class patented technologies that are robust and secure. “To ensure we succeed in our mission, the company uses six-sigma processes. Where six-sigma doesn’t fit our business processes, we have company- developed processes specifically tailored to our business. “Our key to a successful execution is smart, hard- working people throughout the organisation. With these people in place, Ghost functions like an efficient machine and successfully executes programs that meet our customer’s requirements. “As for what differentiates us from our competitors, staff and technology are Ghosts two primary differentiators. Ghost has a world-class business and technology team including several of the finest developers of cyber security technologies in the world today. These team members include; a co-author of the Orange Book, a distinguished cryptography and identity expert, and the designer of the first-ever distributed OTP. Our technology is unmatched in the world today. SafePlace is a holistic, cyber-security ecosystem, fully integrated and secure from the ground up to provide the finest cyber-security solution available. When discussing the industry in his region currently, Don provides us with an overview, going into detail about the challenges and outside influences that are affecting it. “Security architectures largely grew organically over the past ten years, as organisations addressed a variety of new threats and tactics. This resulted in an army of deployed technologies like firewalls, IDS/ IPS, network proxies, gateways, sandboxes, endpoint suites, etc. Over time, this patchwork