Corporate Vision Issue 4

8 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2018 , Company: Joy Films Contact: Dania Quaglio Address: Dubai Studio City, Block 4, Office 505-506, Dubai, UAE Phone: 00 97155 966 6603 Website: learn from me. However, I must admit, when I see things going in the wrong direction, things have to go my way in order to avoid jeopardising any project. I motivate them by pushing their limits, allowing them to do what they think they cannot do, as a result they will feel their improvement and achievements. Also, I delegate to each member of the team what they have to do on each project, and I give them my feedback since I feel responsible for their success and failure. Lastly, I take the blame when something does not go correctly.” Despite forming a close bond with many of her staff, Dania still feels it important that a line is drawn between the two. She notes that the team are aware that she is the leader, and are keen to respect her authority as well as her responsibilities. “As a leader, I find it quite challenging sometimes to keep the fine lines of friendship and leading my team intact. However, luckily my team has made it easier on me in that sense, where they are aware of their responsibilities towards me and each other on both the professional and personal front. I always look at the character of the person, interviewing them rather than the successes they have achieved – as good potential, leads to great things, in comparison to a finalised product which tends to come with less flexibility and adaptability. “Furthermore, our industry is very demanding, with many people sacrificing and compromising on their personal lives for the sake of the team’s success. Since we are all on the same boat, I find it very important to appreciate this and be flexible with the team as much as possible, so they can create the best environment that suits their productivity and creativity. As a collective, we do not believe in strict time and place policies. As I have previously mentioned, establishing trust with my employees is key to us constantly evolving, however, the staff needs to be responsible enough to not abuse this trust. I know myself as a very demanding leader, pushing my team to the limits of their passion to see them grow, as well as constantly learning from their mistakes and individual journeys to empower the collective.” Having gone into detail in regard to her leadership style, Dania further discusses the attributes she believes make her a well- renowned, respected, and successful leader. She refers to the key values which she sticks to in order to keep up her success. “Integrity, passion and a winning mentality are vital assets. I have to maintain the integrity of my craft and not think of the profit rather than the best result possible. This integrity leads to my honesty, I speak my mind when I am not happy with a product or an idea, many people are shocked by it, but then what’s the point of saying anything but the truth!” Living by her ethos, Dania encourages others to never be afraid to fail, as she always wants others to grasp the next opportunity to learn and grow, but most importantly to remain humble. The future looks very exciting for Joy Films, and Dania predicts bright times ahead for Joy Films. She concludes by discussing the team’s vision, and what her own future holds in the times. “Ultimately, the vision is to expand our platform to producing feature films and make our own self-produced films. As for me, I will be fetching for opportunities to direct TV commercials and fulfil the artist inside of me.”