Issue 4 2019

18 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2019 , Astarte Capital Partners is a specialist platform, focusing on real assets opportunities that are towards the value-add range rather than core-infrastructure. Following their success in CV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence, we profiled Astarte Capital Partners and caught up withManaging Partner, Dr Stavros Siokos who provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of the award-winning firm. Innovative Operating Model Established in 2015, Astarte Capital Part- ners is a specialist alternatives co-invest- ment platform with a focus on specialist real assets that are towards the value-add area rather than core-infrastructure. Astarte Capital Partners approach is to invest in partnerships with es- tablished asset operators (or spe- cialist industry teams), with whom the team structure investment portfolios, in the form of managed closed-end funds or co-investment vehicles. Stavros begins by going into further detail about areas in which the team at Astarte Capital Partners specialises in, noting on how the firm are able to deliver a service which establishes them as leading providers within their respected sectors. “Here at Astarte Capital Partners, we invest in natural resources, transportation and specialist types of real estate. We source, invest and scale thematic investments strategies by structuring and growing institutional quality asset management businesses. “Astarte Capital Partners provides access to thematic and often un- der the radar real asset strategies in a form that the best institution- al practices and structure are embodied. Those strategies are managed in partnership with expe- rienced asset operators that have Mar19342 a long track record and experience in the specific asset class, but which are also aiming to establish themselves as category leaders in their sector.” Providing the firm with the capabili- ties to deliver the high-level ser- vice, is the dedicated, hard-work- ing service that ensures that not only fulfils their clients’ require- ments, but also surpasses their expectations. When discussing the internal culture, Stavros is keen to highlight the key factors which enables the firm to be a success within the industry. “The success of our firm is based on the ability to provide access to thematic real asset strategies in a form that combines operational expertise, institutional standards and responsible investing. “In our industry, one of the biggest asset that a business has are its people. At Astarte Capital Part- ners, our success is fully contrib- uted to our staff. Their experience, commitment, talent and ethics are the structural pillars of our firm.” Bringing the interview to a close, Stavros signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipe- line for the firm, touching on how the team hope to create an impact within the investment community by pursuing certain developments. “For the years ahead, our aim is to establish Astarte as one of the leading global investment platforms for thematic real assets. Lastly, we hope that we will impact the investment community by de- ploying institutional capital smarter and responsibly for the environ- ment and the society.” Contact: Dr Stavros Siokos Address: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6RD, United Kingdom Telephone: +442037614300 Web Address: