Issue 4 2019

26 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2019 , Mar19126 Independent and dedicated to providing clients with unique services designed tomeet their needs, Manage Damage is an innovative Australianfirmoffering business advice, service and expertise to awide range of clients.We profile the company and explore how it remains at the forefront of emerging corporate developments to offer its clients cutting-edge solutions that will meet their needs in today’smarket. Manage Damage : A Pioneering Approach To Risk Established in 2016, Manage Damage is a risk management advisory firm that focuses on the true cost of risk, working with clients to provide their business with specialist advisors who can drive your efficiency, productivity and profitability. Founder Jillian Hamilton has been saving organisations millions of dollars in workers compensation and associated insurance costs for over a decade. As such, she is able to offer her clients unique support and service that meets their specific needs. Drawing on this expertise, Man- age Damage is able to create an environment where non-financial risk is converted into dollar terms to enable management to more easily address the complex interplay of these factors within a business and reduce associated costs. Jillian’s experience led her to found Manage Damage and acti- vate an innovative philosophy and methodology, Risk Dollarisation ® , to bring about transformational change to a sector where there is little incentive for service providers to reduce business costs. This unique approach ensures clients receive unique support and an innovative solution. By assess- ing a company’s risk portfolio via the cost of damage they are able to better manage and reduce, the costs associated with risk. The firm is able to provide complete visibility of true damage costs and highlight the opportunities to manage the damage. This results in the true cost of business risk being quantified which creates an environment where it is marked, measured and managed. Thanks to this solution, today Manage Damage is able to work with Boards, CEOs, CFOs and other senior leaders to drive effi- ciency, productivity and profitabil- ity by dollarizing a business’s risk portfolio. This innovative approach and Manage Damage’s expert team have saved organisations millions of dollars in damage costs. Seeking to offer its clients unique services that are ahead of emerging market developments, Manage Damage offers a secured Patent Process and one of the elements for this work is to full assess and confirm any potential or actual competitors and then this is also assessed by patents IP Australia. A true pioneer in the market, Manage Damage approaches risk from a holistic perspective from ground roots to the board/deci- sion makers. There are very few businesses that approach risk in such a holistic sense, and as such Manage Damage is a revolution, having taken a fresh new view at safety and risk and made it mean- ingful, making it a budget item. Since its inception Manage Dam- age has worked hard attempting to be ahead of the game, and as part of this approach the firm is currently investing in development of actual gig economy tools and artificial intelligence/robotic risk management tools for business/ employers to use in the work- place. Looking to the future, the firm hopes these developments will allow it to aid the regulators in this front, and this development and many more will ensure that Manage Damage remains a core player in the risk management market for many years to come. Director Jillian has recently released a book and has many exciting opportunities on the hori- zon to drive her and her company to even greater success over the coming years. Company: Manage Damage Contact: Jillian Hamilton Website: