Issue 4 2019

30 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2019 , Nucleon is a cyber security startup, founded by an experienced teamof security professionals. Following their success in CV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards, we profiled Nucleon and caught up with Director of Sales, Roy Heller who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of the innovative company. Protecting Your Cyber Future Founded in 2016 to provide proactive cyber technologies for organizations, Nucleon specializes in collecting and analyzing cyber threats on the internet. In addition to this, the firm also provides organizations/governments with proactive technologies that compliments their existing cyber security tools, enabling them to defend against new and emerging threats. Nucleon’s cyber intelli- gence framework also fits to SMB, enterprise and MSP/MSSP. Serving to a diverse range of clients from governments to soft- ware vendors, Nucleon technol- ogy has the capability to cater to all. Going into further detail, Roy begins by informing us of how the firm approaches clients and how they ensure they deliver a service which meets their requirements. “Here at Nucleon, we serve a va- riety of clients. From governments who want to enhance their cyber security defence abilities are us- ing Nucleon, to software vendors of cyber security tools who are also using Nucleon technologies to improve their products. Among the clients there are also Banks, Telecomm companies and ISPs, to name but a few. “Nucleon also offers Cybercure. ai which provides basic cyber feeds for free. Cybercure is aimed towards both small and medium business who are looking to im- plement basic proactive security measures. In addition to this, Cybercure has a bi-weekly pod- cast that covers cyber news from around the world for non-technical people. Today, less than a year since the launch of it has thousands of active users using the service regularly.” Nucleon is based on innovative technology that was developed specially to be used for cyber in- telligence gathering and analysis. When discussing the qualities which enables the firm to be the success as we know it today, Roy is keen to highlight the ways in which Nucleon is able to tailor its services and solutions to the requests of clients, as well as en- suring that the result is beneficial for all involved. “What enables Nucleon to be a unique entity is the ability of the system to autonomously identify threats on the internet and alert clients, even if those threats are new and never seen before. By using Nucleon technology, any organization can protect its cyber assets similar to how a large government does. “Currently, there are numerous organizations and governments which are using Nucleon to receive constant feeds of cyber Mar19528 security indicators that can be used to block attacks. As a result of using Nucleon, clients can have a cyber intelligence service without investing a huge budget in setting up its own threat intelli- gence team.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Nucleon’s unique technolo- gy is changing the cyber security industry by using machine learn- ing and advanced algorithms that can work and calculate data much faster than any human. Bringing the interview to a close, Roy signs off by revealing the exciting plans in store for the team at Nucleon, especially following their recent success where they were recog- nized in Corporate Vision’s 2019