Issue 4 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2019 45 , Feb19486 Banco BNI Europa is a Portuguese Portugal-based challenger bankwhose mission is to offer customers amodern digital low-cost banking platformand innovative banking products, tailored to their needs. Following their success in the 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards, we profiled Banco BNI Europa and caught up with Pedro Pinto Coelho who provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of the innovative firm. Consistently Delivering Alternative Lending Solutions Banco BNI Europa is strategically chang- ing the landscape of traditional banking by collaborating with fintech businesses to launch new products using the latest technolo- gy in risk analysis, time-to-market and customer service. Specialising primarily in alter- native leading solutions for both personal and SME clients, Banco BNI Europa has already estab- lished partnerships with several European Fintech’s and acting in several European jurisdictions, which includes Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, France, Belgium. These credit products include consumer credit, student loans, SME lending, factor- ing and real estate lending. Going into further detail, Pedro begins by informing us of the ways in which the team at Banco BNI Europa are able to deliver a service which not only meets the requirements set by clients, but also surpasses their expectations. “Here at Banco BNI Europa, we are a challenger bank who approaches both their personal and SME clients with innovative financial products. We target specific needs that have not been addressed by the market and engage with the client by focusing on service excellence.” Enabling the bank to deliver these innovative products, is the dedicat- ed, passionate and talented team which forms the backbone of Ban- co BNI Europa. When discussing the internal culture, Pedro is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “Although we are a small team, we are very high motivated. Being part of a new project is motivation, as we know that there are key roles players also supporting the change that we are making in the banking industry in Portugal. Knowing that this change had been recognized internationally, made our staff extremely proud. We provide them with the opportunity to present new ideas to increase our business, and we had implemented many of them. Innovation and proactivity of our staff is in fact one our success secrets. Bringing the interview to a close, Pedro signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Digital Bank of the Year 2019 – Portugal. “Looking ahead, we will certainly be looking at more opportunities in the future to expand our spectrum of offerings, especially in areas where the clients are not necessarily happy with their current providers offering. Moreover, Banco BNI Eu- ropa’s focus is on finding technolo- gies that will give the bank an edge over the rest of the market. “One thing is certain, traditional Banking is a thing from the past. Banks need to reinvent themselves or they will not be able to function. Banco BNI Europa will continue embracing change and be a reference on how to do banking in the future.” Web Address: