Issue 4 2019

6 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 4 2019 , AlignedBusiness is anAustralia and Singapore based company founded byhighly experienced insurance business and insurance software development experts. Recently, we caught upwith Most Influential Female CEOof theYear 2019 inDigital Insurance, SusanHewho providedus with an insight into the firmand their end-to-end digital insurance software platform, Origami™. Innovative Solutions for end to end Digital Insurance Transition Since their inception in 2010, Aligned Busi- ness set its mind to solve insurance indus- try’s bottlenecks for achieving effective insurance sales, delivering best customer service and yielding true economic benefits from technology investments. In late 2013, Aligned Business started developing a holistic digital insur- ance operating platform by bringing on board experienced insurance underwriters and technologists who are eager to innovate insurance in- dustry in different parts of the world. In late 2017, Aligned Business launched Origami, an end to end digital core insurance platform for insurers and their distribution part- ners to create and deploy any in- surance product to market for sales and services at a fraction of today’s technology investment cost. These enablers are especially bringing huge economy of scale benefits to insurance business entities operat- ing multiple insurance product lines through multi-distribution channels and across geographic boundaries. Furthermore, Origami powers new insurance product ideas including connected insurance and interac- tive insurance via unique system design that allows development of new insurance underwriting and agile integration via flexible API connect. Going into further detail, Susan begins by informing us more about the key qualities that both Aligned Business and Origami provide to their clients. “Here at Aligned Business, we provide Origami to insurance clients where Origami can be hosted in any cloud and operated Jan19336 in any language, as well as comply with regulatory compliance in each operating jurisdiction. “Our insurance technology ena- blers are built by insurance experts and for use by insurance experts. We know insurers’ and insurance distributors’ challenges and needs because each leader in our compa- ny has worked for global insurers in insurance product and technology design and management for over 20 years. Our clients in Asia and Australia have benefited from using Origami to achieve cost savings by more than 10 folds and see multiple times policy sales increase through product innovation enablers of Origami. In addition to this, clients have enjoyed scaling their business without increasing resources like what they were used to.” Aligned Business Management Team Kevin Jin, CTO and Co-Founder and Susan He, CEO at the 2018 MetLifeTechstars Digital Accelerator Demo Day with MetLife Global Management Team: Greg Baxter, Chief Digital Officer and Alex Seidita, Chief Technology Architect and CIO LatAm, MetLife