Issue 4 2020

Issue 4 2020 13 business rules and algorithms to process such broad considerations and constraints on a single platform. The platform also acts instantly, in the moment, and upon the latest network data. In one of the most complex, demanding times the world has ever known, MPO ensures its customers remain competitive, innovative, and able to take advantage of any opportunity. MPO’s platform retains enough flexibility to optimize complex flows at every stage of fulfilment, under any condition. Leveraging the MPO platform, customers with complex, global supply chains have improved customer service, reduced costs, and achieved faster and more efficient supply chains. Far from being merely a background function, the importance of supply chain management plays a pivotal role in defining the customer experience. It’s a consideration often ignored, but an opportunity not to be missed by businesses. Instead of focusing on the challenges, the team at MPO have created ways to work with the huge potential offered by globalization and networking. It’s a move that will not only benefit the customer, but the consumer and businesses as well. It’s this forward thinking that has ensured MPO has become an incredible success. Company: MPO Contact email: [email protected] MPO Founders Martin (CEO) and Paul (CTO): SaaS Cloud Pioneers in the first days of starting their company