Issue 4 2020

Jan20434 Spanish Firm Seals The Deal on Success A key part of envisioning any corporate future is the successful management of funds and corporates transactions. Corporate finance is a crucial element to the continued success of any business, and enlisting the services of a firm that has been awarded the Most Influential Leader in Corporate Finance 2020 – Spain, an easy decision made. Discover the success of Aglaia Capital, and its outstanding services within the realm of corporate finance. Prior to founding the firm she now heads up, Angela Alvarez developed her professional career leading executive international positions in big entities within corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, and financial services. With her impeccable vision of what the industry would need in the future, she set about anticipating the needs of clients and thus, Aglaia Capital was born. Today, the firm is an independent corporate finance boutique advisory business that is headquartered in Madrid, and specializes in real estate transactions, hotels, and financing, as well as fintech, blockchain and digital assets. Founded with the mission of mixing traditional corporate finance business with the new digital world, Aglaia Capital is now one of the most pioneering leaders in the ongoing transformation of the industry. Aglaia Capital primarily handles off market investment opportunities across Spain and the rest of Europe, as well as some selective projects in Latin America, the United States, and Asia. Their experience, knowledge and international capabilities through cooperating business models with partners allow them to deal effectively with any corporate finance issues, helping clients in a myriad of ways. Aglaia Capital has also a second line of business of Venture Capital for Distributed Ledger Technologies Fintech at early stage projects, aiming to support a new generation of financial infrastructure, where the invested companies are aiming to be synergic among them and with Aglaia Capital. It has also an Investment Club seeking to make it easier than ever before to efficiently make investments. Serving industries and clients of all kinds, the team at Aglaia Capital typically work with funds, family offices, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, businessowners, financial joint venture partners, and corporates looking for funding or financing for their companies. These individuals or entities have access to their deal flow according to their investment strategy as well as business owners have access to their network of investors, partners and financing providers, and the scope of the advice would be depending on the needs of the client. Passion is core to the service at Aglaia Capital. Being proud of innovation, diversity, balance, knowledge, and a uniqueness to the manner in which each transaction is completed. Hard work, integrity, talent, commitment, passion, and creativity, are their core values that are led by her founder Angela Alvarez, and have accompanied them also on the imprint of her vision on the industry. Among others, the belief that humanity and technology can co-exist, making the world a better place whilst enabling the proper funding of those corporates who are trying to do so. There is a reason why this firm has been awarded Most Influential Leader in Corporate Finance 2020 – Spain. It is thanks to its leadership in a new generation of corporate finance business, combining the knowledge, the traditional discipline of an investment banking business, and the strengths of a technology- oriented business. In everything, Aglaia Capital maintains a holistic approach, adapting to the trends and demands of the world as it is. Each transaction requires an innovative and personalized approach, as well as mastery over new technologies and digitalization to shape the evolution of the financial sector for the clients that are looking those type of services and investments. The firm, armed with its wealth of technological expertise, is fully inclusive of these new trends, including tokenization and investing in digital assets, in consideration with current market adoption. Humanity is now in a time of a digital revolution, where technology and finance are becoming ever more interlinked. Technology, Financial services and Transactions are at the Ethos of Aglaia Capital, and the foundations where it was born, combining the tradition of the finance world with the rapidly expanding digitalization of the world as a whole. It represents an unparalleled opportunity for Aglaia Capital to become the foremost pioneer in the ongoing fusion of the two industries together. Now in a state of near-constant evolution, the firm’s success in corporate finance will see it continue to advise investors, family offices, ultra-high- net-worth individuals, and funds interested in off market deals, as well as business owners looking for financial partners, financing or selling non-core assets. Ultimately, this new era of digitalization is one that will undoubtedly present many new and exciting opportunities for corporations in search of their next investment, or for corporates the next transaction, restructuring or transformation to be made. A steady, guiding presence, and one that is backed by a wealth of knowledge and insight, is perfect for any new investment opportunities, corporate, assets strategic transaction, or funding, and a role that Aglaia Capital is all too happy to fulfil. After this latest success for the firm, and the growth of fintech, it is surely set to continue long into the future. Contact: Angela Alvarez, Founder & CEO Website: Each transaction requires an innovative and personalized approach, as well as mastery over new technologies and digitalization to shape the evolution of the financial sector for the clients that are looking those type of services and investments. Issue 4 2020 27