Issue 4 2020

Jan20333 Perfectly Processing Payments Whilst money may make the world go around, processing that money to ensure it goes where it is supposed to is a serious business. All businesses, whether big or small, fresh-faced or franchising, require a payment processing system that works for them. In last years’ Franchise Awards, Corporate Vision awarded Franchise Payments Network (FPN) the title of Best Payment Processing Company 2019 – USA. Join us now, as we take a closer look at the award- winning services the firm offers. Founded in 2006, FPN was created to work exclusively within the franchise space. Even the biggest companies in the world today need payment processing systems that are able to do the job successfully. Almost fifteen years on from that initial founding mission of working exclusively within the franchise space, the firm provides payment processing, Royalty Collections, and Gift and Loyalty services through its innovative POLN8 platform. Serving almost 190 franchise brands across the globe, the team at FPN truly go above and beyond in their servitude of franchise brands in the world today. Ensuring success within payment processing for franchisors, franchisees, and franchising brands alike, is something which FPN takes enormous pride in, driving it forward through close relationships with clients. Each client can benefit from a wealth of services in relation to payment processing, utilizing only the most cutting-edge technologies that enable clients to stay well ahead of their own respective competitors, regardless of the industry. However, the key to FPN’s success lies in enabling the clients to forget about the technology that helps them to grow so much. Rather than spend their time focusing on something that is not their core offering, FPN would rather see its clients focus wholly on their customers whilst the technology works seamlessly. In order to ensure this, the firm works to automate as much of the payment processes and loyalty programmes as possible. Simply put, FPN functions as a unique outsourced service team for its clients. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it is the only merchant processor whose focus remains entirely on the franchise space; everything is moulded to accommodate the needs of both the franchisor and franchisees it services. Most merchant processors work with banks and cold calling agents in the field, who may be good at helping individual merchants but have very little insight into how to help a chain of merchants meet standards and deliver product consistency across a lot of merchants bearing the same name and business model. At FPN, there is no lack of consistency or excellence in service delivery. Individual franchisee locations all communicate amongst each other, and if there is a lack of service to one, then all of them will know about it. Ensuring this does not happen, and a franchise can continue to expand as planned, the firm delivers the best product all the time to each and every franchisee. Given the evolving relationship between technology and finance, it is no wonder that the team at FPN are constantly doing research on what others are doing in the industry in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. By venturing to trade shows in search of new technologies, and listening to what clients want, the firm is able to keep developing new products and features that cater for those wants and needs. Asking if something is possible has resulted in the firm making it happen itself, striving to make sure that there really is nothing that cannot be done for the client. The payments and loyalty spaces are changing swiftly and dramatically, as has been evidenced by the meteoric rise of mobile, cashless, and contactless methods of payment being used more frequently in everyday life. It is entirely plausible that the next five years will see consumers ditch cash and physical cards altogether in favour of virtual accounts that are attached to wearable devices, facial recognition software, or mobile phones. Ultimately, technology and finance are moving at a breakneck speed, and if franchises want to continue growth, then they must keep up. FPN does more than allow them to simply keep up; it offers its clients the chance to experience some of the best payment processing systems currently available in the market. As we live in an increasingly mobile and cashless society, there has never been a better time for franchisors and franchisees alike to get involved with FPN, and its outstanding payment processing services. Company: Franchise Payments Network Contact: Tom Epstein Website: